SkyJib 8 for Cinematography

SkyJib 8 for Cinematography

***Please note that this rig has been discontinued and replaced by our new platf…

Part Exchange

What to expect when you submit a Part Exchange request:

  1. We query the part exchange to gather an understanding of what you are offering us and what you want in return - this will take between 2-6 emails depending on complexity.
  2. We arrange pick up of your helicopter FREE of charge using UPS, this is included in the price.
  3. We receive your model and check it against what was agreed in the negotiation and authorise the agreement.
  4. We calculate the balance you owe and arrange payment if there is a balance.
  5. We ship out your part exchanges goods by next day courier.

How do we value the goods on offer?

Goods we already sell are easier for us to break down for spares or recondition making them more valuable to us.

Some helicopters are discontinued and this could alter their retail value. However, we'll more than likely make you an offer anyway!


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Aerial Photography with RC Helicopters

Aerial Photography with RC Helicopters

Over the last year the use of remote control helicopters for aerial photography…

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