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FMS Flying Model Simulator

A little bit about FREE FMS:

Apache Gunship FMS


FMS is a freeware RC simulator for anyone to use. It's not quite as user friendly as or has as many features as the commercial ones available right now. The flight characteristics with the transmitter interface are quite good including hovering, forward flight and aerobatics.  Flight simulator physics has progressed since the days of the FMS but if you want to get a good understanding as to how a helicopter feels to fly before trying it for real then this still continues to be a good option.

Version 2.0 Beta 7 is the most advanced version available that was developed by Roman and Michael Möller (all copyright remains with them). The original page they setup has disappeared and hence I am now re-writing this page (that is many years old) to enable users to obtain this simulator and access to any solutions to install it.


Downloading FMS:

Download for FREE here – Version 2.0 Beta 7 (Windows 9x, ME, 2000)

You can see above that when this software was developed when only the above operating systems existed, you can still use this on your most up to date operating system but you may have to download additional files and fixes.  There is a known Windows Vista issue where you have to download additional .dll files, see below for help.


Getting HELP with FMS installation issues:

Our main forum can be found here:


There are hundred of posts in this section – if you want to filter it down in this forum, you need to join it and then search in category to filter the posts down.


Additional MODELS available for this software:

There are a number of standard rc helicopter models and planes that come with V2 Beta 7 and there are additional models available through 3rd party providers.

**PLEASE see the links at the bottom of the page to view the standard models you can get with V2 Beta 7 and the opportunity to acquire models such as the Airwolf one below too.

Airwolf FMS


Buying FMS with controller:

We also sell the controller and the FMS on CD should you want to just purchase and connect straight to your PC without worrying about having the connect transmitter interface.

ESKY FMS Controller Exclusive FMS page discounts for the FMS controller: ENTER = fmspage for 10% off
Europe, ENTER = fmspage9 AND USA ENTER = fmspage7 for 10% discount.


Alternative and BETTER Flight simulator solutions:

As mentioned there are alternative commercial flight simulator options available and the only one we stock is the Phoenix Flight Simulator listed below (this is our highest recommendation). We ship this Worldwide.


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