CAA Release ANO Amendment

CAA drone update

CAA Announce ANO Update

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has released information on another industry-changing amendment to the Air Navigation Order 2016 titled Small Unmanned Aircraft – Night Operations and Operations within Congested Areas by SUA Operators holding Permissions issued prior to 30 July 2018.

This change update allows any SUA operator with permissions from the CAA granted on or before the 30/07/2018 to operate at night and over or within 150 metres of a congested area.

Drone in Congested Area

Several conditions must be met in order to apply to these new articles. These include the following:

  • The permission applies to the CAA standard permission that’s currently in place. It replaces any statement that limits operation to daylight as well as replacing any statement that prevents operation in a congested area.
  • The permission is not applicable to operators who have an OSC (Operating Safety Case) in place. Original permissions or exemptions will apply in these cases.
  • Night operation must be detailed within the operators Operations Manual with processes followed. Before night flights, a daylight reconnaissance and site assessment must take place. This should include the identification of aircraft flight paths and detail all hazards, restrictions and obstacles. VLOS must be maintained and the takeoff and landing point should have adequate lighting.
  • A copy of the permission should be retained with the original permission.
  • The permission has effect from its signage date until the 29/07/2019

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