Heliguy launches fast-track drone-repair service

Heliguy has launched Fast-track Repair – a new service to fix drones within 72 hours.  

Our new maintenance programme is designed to help UAV operators who need to get their damaged aircraft back into the air quickly.

Thanks to our skilled and experienced team of technicians, Heliguy already offers a comprehensive repair service, but the Fast-track scheme takes this one step further. This is especially useful for those with time-critical missions in mind, such as the emergency services. 

Our speedy solution to fixing your drone is priced at £75, as well as the cost of the repair itself. To book your drone into Fast-track Repair, visit our wesbite and then scroll down to Help Topic and then select Repair. Once you have done this, select Fast-track Repair request at the bottom of the page.

Fast-track Repair will keep your mission-critical drones airborne

“We have increased our capacity to allow us to offer Fast-track Repairs.

“We have launched this new service following the demand we have received from drone operators wanting a quick turnaround time on repairs.

“Our Fast-track Repair service will be really beneficial for those people with time-critical missions, who need their drones back in their hands quickly.” 

Kevin Morton, Heliguy’s Head of Technical Builds and Repairs

How our repairs service will work – Q&As

To find out more about our Fast-track Repair service, take a look through the Q&As below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you still want more information, email [email protected] or call 862 298 5964.

How do I book Fast-track Repairs?

Visit our website and then scroll down to Help Topic and then select Repair. Once you have done this, select Fast-track Repair request at the bottom of the page and create your ticket. We advise you to call our tech team on 862 298 5964 to make sure we have received your request.

What happens if Heliguy is unable to process your request as a Fast-track Repair?

If for any reason we are unable to fast-track the repair due to lack of parts etc, we will not charge the fast-track fee. However, the standard repair fee and labour costs will be due.

How fast is the service?

Fast-track is a three working day turnaround from the day we get the drone. We aim to have the drone back in the post by the end of the third working day.

Can I do anything to speed up the process?

Pre-authorising the repair amount when filling in the booking-in form can speed up the repair.

My camera is damaged. Can you offer a fast turn around on that repair?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a fast turnaround on cameras. However, you could rent a camera from us while yours is away for repair. For more information about our rental service, click here.

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