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Mavic 2 Series vs Mavic Pro vs Mavic Air

Following yesterday’s announcement from DJI of the two new powerful drones that have been added to the Mavic Series, the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom, Heliguy Insider have been comparing these two new drones to the original Mavic Pro and the Mavic Air. We’ll be looking into how the new features including the cameras, Intelligent Flight Modes, safety mechanisms and more stand up against the two previous iterations of Mavics. We aim to help you decide which is the best drone for you from DJI’s iconic series. In each category, we’ll... Read More

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DJI Mavic Air in Depth Series – Part 4 – Aircraft & Remote Controller

In the final part of our in-depth look at the new DJI Mavic Air, we take a look at the Mavic Air itself and its dedicated remote controller. In the series to date, we’ve looked at the Intelligent Flight Battery, safety features and the camera. It’s clear to see it’s an impressive little quadcopter. In this post, we will look at features such as the Mavic Air’s appearance and design, general functionality and much more. Specifications Let’s start by looking at the specifications of the Mavic Air and its dedicated remote... Read More

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DJI Mavic Air in Depth Series – Part 3 – Camera

In the third part of our in-depth series on the Mavic Air, we will be looking at the camera of the new aircraft and its surrounding features. We will give you a detailed insight into the camera on the aircraft, its impressive features and the Intelligent Flight Modes DJI have incorporated to improve both the user experience and end results. You’ll also get chance to see some of Heliguy’s example pictures and videos to judge for yourself. Keep reading to see the camera in action and find out more about... Read More

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DJI Mavic Air in Depth Series – Part 2 – Aircraft Safety

Continuing our in-depth look at the Mavic Air, we will be looking at the built-in safety features to help keep the Mavic Air safe during flight. The Mavic Air is packed with safety features, helping those new to flying as well as experienced pilots, avoid incidents. Flight safety features are present through FlightAutonomy 2.0, multiple redundancies of the key components of the drone and an advanced Return to Home (RTH) functionality. The features are the most advanced available on a consumer drone of this kind. Keep reading to find out... Read More

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DJI Mavic Air in Depth Series – Part 1 – Intelligent Flight Battery

At the end of January 2018, DJI released their revolutionary new quadcopter; the Mavic Air. Falling between the Spark and the Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air is a remarkable aircraft due to its size, power and all-round capability. It’s an extraordinary aircraft for the consumer market, that can be taken anywhere. Like our previous series of in-depth articles on the Inspire 2, Heliguy Insider will be taking a comprehensive look at the Mavic Air’s key features, giving customers a greater insight into this new drone. We will be starting by... Read More

Activating the Aircraft – DJI Mavic Air

In this post, we will look at how to activate the DJI Mavic Air using DJI Go 4. For this please make sure you have charged the controller and Mavic Air battery fully and you have an internet connection. Connect to the controllers’ WIFI and launch DJI Go 4. Then click next once the controller has connected to the Mavic Air. 2. Name your Mavic Air 3. Select a controller mode, mode 2 is set by default 4. Select your prefered measurement system 5. Select whether you will use beginner mode. Heliguy... Read More

Linking the Remote Controller – DJI Mavic Air

In this post, we will look at how to connect the DJI Mavic Air with the remote controller that is included with the drone. For this make sure the remote and drone are charged and you have access to a mobile device. If the controller has a red LED then you need to link your controller, your Mavic Air will also have a yellow light on the rear of the drone. 2. Connect your device to the DJI Mavic Air Controller and launch DJI Go 4 and click start flight,... Read More

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DJI Mavic Air Vs Mavic Pro Vs Spark

Yesterday, DJI announced the latest iteration of the Mavic Series, the DJI Mavic Air. The Mavic Air falls between the DJI Spark and the Mavic Pro Platinum, combining the best features of each drone in an ultraportable package. We will be comparing the Mavic Air, Mavic Pro and Spark to see which aircraft is better suited to you. We will look at the specifications, appearance, performance, battery and what’s in the box. Keep reading for more information of on the Mavic Air and how it performs against the drones used... Read More

Calibrating the Aircraft Vision Systems – DJI Mavic Air

In this post, we will show you a step by step guide on how to calibrate you Mavic Air Sensors using DJI Assistant 2 1. Turn your DJI Mavic Air on. 2. Connect your Mavic Air to your PC/Mac via USB. 3. Launch DJI Assistant 2 4. Select DJI Mavic Air within the assistant 5. Log into your DJI Account 6. Select calibration on the side bar 7. Follow the guide on screen to calibrate you Mavic Air 8. Now your calibration is complete restart your aircraft. Subscribe to our... Read More

Updating the Firmware with DJI GO 4 – DJI Mavic Air

In this post, we will look at how to update the Mavic Air using DJI Go 4. The same process also applies to battery and controllers. Ensure anything you are updating is above 50% battery. 1.Power on your DJI Mavic Air and connect to the DJI Go 4 app 2. Launch DJI Go 4 3. Click the top bar that says a new firmware is available 4. Click download now 5. Wait for firmware to update 6. When the update is complete click “ok” 7. Restart your aircraft. If another update... Read More