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DJI has ‘successfully addressed’ TB50 and TB55 battery issue

DJI has concluded its investigation into the issue concerning some TB50 and TB55 batteries reporting incorrect power levels in late 2018. The Chinese-based technology giant says that the current firmware (v01.02.0301), which was issued in December and adds a redundancy algorithm to the battery management system, has ‘successfully addressed’ the small number of early Return-To-Home (RTH) or Automatic Landing (AL) cases triggered by initial conservative measures DJI implemented during its investigation. ‘No need for another firmware update this month’ After extensive testing and close-performance monitoring, DJI has determined that the... Read More


Drone used to count seal pups for first time

A drone has been used for the first time to successfully help count a colony of Atlantic grey seal pups, which have reached record high numbers. Ritchie Southerton, of Ritchie Southerton Photography, turned to UAV specialist Heliguy to purchase a DJI Phantom 4 Pro for the important job on the Farne Islands, off the Northumberland coast.  The count took place during November and the recently-published results make for extremley good reading – with the number of juveniles born at the beauty spot increasing by 50 per cent in five years. With... Read More

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Heliguy assisting UK airports with drone detection

North-East UAV specialist Heliguy has been assisting major UK airports with their drone-detection systems, as well as showcasing other options to enhance defences. Prompted by December’s chaos at Gatwick, followed more recently by disruption at Heathrow, Heliguy has been called to numerous airports to share its knowledge in UAV tracking and monitoring. Working with these airports – which cannot be identified for security reasons – Heliguy has been using its experience to test existing drone-detection systems in place, as well as demonstrating DJI AeroScope – a state-of-the-art UAV monitor. As part... Read More

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Drone Sighting at London Heathrow

The Metropolitan police apparently received reports of a drone sighting close to the airport at around 17:05 on 8th January 2019. News is reaching us of a drone sighting at Heathrow Airport. Latest Update It looks as though flights have now resumed from Heathrow according to the data provided by Flightradar24. Original Post This has halted flights going in or out of the UK’s busiest airport. At this stage Heathrow have said it’s just a precautionary measure to: Prevent any threat to operational safety…Heathrow Spokeswoman Heliguy will be keeping a... Read More

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New DJI Smart Controller released

DJI has today announced the release of a Smart Controller – designed to maximise your outdoor aerial experience with the Mavic 2 series of drones and any other aircraft equipped with OcuSync 2.0 technology. This new portable device boasts an ultra-bright screen, intuitive controls and a series of features to share visual content quickly and easily. The DJI Smart Controller is priced £579 and is available to pre-order from Heliguy. Key features Built-in ultra-bright 5.5-inch 1080p screenOcuSync 2.0 Full-HD video transmissionExtremely portable, with detachable control sticksOperates in temperatures from -20°C... Read More

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New UK drone legislation announced

New legislation will give police extra powers to tackle illegal drone use, while the Government has vowed to work on ways to detect and repel UAVs in sites like airports and prisons. Under these plans, the exclusion zone around protected airport boundaries is set to be extended from 1km to 5km. However, in an important nod to the industry, Aviation Minister Baroness Liz Sugg has gone on the record to say that drones are ‘already being used to great effect’ by keeping people safe and driving more efficient ways of working. For... Read More


PfCO update for renewals and applications regarding the competent observer role

Commercial drone pilots, especially filmographers, should be aware of a change to the standard permission for PfCO applications and renewals. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has tweaked paragraph 3c of the permission of Small Unmanned Aircraft / Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft, in line with the Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2016. Under the changes, the remote pilot must now be fully and solely responsible for the drone, keeping it within the ‘direct, unaided Visual Line of Sight (VLOS), out to a maximum range of 500 metres’. The previous permission allowed the UAV... Read More

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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual: Guide to thermal imaging

DJI’s recently-released Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual features a thermal camera – but what exactly does this mean for your missions and what do you need to consider while using this technology? This blog post explores some of the key aspects of using thermal, including: What is thermal?What do the different colour palettes mean?What are isotherms?How far can you fly?How can the environment impact results?How can a drone and thermal camera help you? The post will also take a more detailed look at the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, which has... Read More

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DJI Mavic 2 Zoom v DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise v DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual

2018 was a busy and productive year for the Mavic Series of drones, with DJI unveiling no fewer than five iterations. The year began with the release of the Mavic Air, then the Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro in the summer, followed by the Mavic 2 Enterprise in the autumn, before closing 2018 with the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. In their own right, each drone within this Mavic quintet has its own quirks and uses, but this particular blog post focuses on the Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Enterprise and... Read More

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A year in drones: Review of 2018

An award win, new release game-changing drones and updated regulations – 2018 has been a busy and ground-breaking year for Heliguy and the UAV world. With 2019 on the horizon, this special blog post reflects on the past 12 months, reminiscing on the launch of popular products such as DJI’s Osmo Pocket and Mavic Air, industry big-hitters like the Mavic 2 Enterprise and Phantom 4 RTK, and the proud moment when Heliguy received a prestigious prize at the North Tyneside Business Awards. 2018 at a glance DJI Mavic AirDJI Phantom... Read More