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Industry Changing CAA Announcement for PfCO Holders

Following the recently announced changes to the Air Navigation Order 2018, the CAA today announced some additional exciting news for existing Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Operators. From the 30th July 2018, the following changes will come into effect: A reduction on the classes of SUA from 4 to 2; 0-20kg Multirotor and 0-20kg Fixed Wing A standard PfCO now permits the operation of a 7-20kg SUA in congested areas to within 50m which previously SUA in such class were limited to a distance of 150m Night operations will be automatically... Read More

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UK Government Suggest New Drone Legislation

Following on from the recent amendment to the CAA’s Air Navigation Order 2016 and upcoming Drone Bill, the Department for Transport have today announced further measures that may be introduced. The government is set to consult on new measures including the following: Police may be able to issue on-the-spot-fines to drone rule breakers Police may be able to seize drones if necessary A minimum age may be set for drone pilots – age mentioned is 18 A decision will be made on whether the set distance of 1km from an... Read More


Flying High Challenge – Drone Report Summary

A report has just been released on the first stage of the UK’s Flying High Challenge in which five cities are testing how drones will shape the future of the UK. The programme comes from a partnership between the Nesta Challenge Prize Centre and Innovate UK. The report titled ‘Flying High: Shaping the Future of Drones in UK Cities’ details a wide range of benefits as well as potential issues drones present when used in cities. In this post, we’ll provide a breakdown of what’s included in the report and... Read More

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New UK Drone Laws Announced – Updated

The UK Department for Transport have just announced a set of new drone laws for UK drone pilots. These new rules will cover several areas including the banning of drones exceeding 400 feet, banning drones within 1 kilometre of airports as well as drone registration and online tests for drones above 250 grams. The rules will come into effect in the Summer of 2018 and Winter of 2019. Keep reading to find out more about the new laws and how they will affect your drone use. UK Drone Laws –... Read More

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Hands on with the DJI Zenmuse XT2

Continuing their successful partnership, drone giants, DJI with the world-leading thermal experts, FLIR recently announced their latest payload for the enterprise market, the DJI Zenmuse XT2. Building on the design of the original XT, the XT2 features FLIR’s expert thermal technology along with a visual sensor and gimbal from DJI. This combination increases the functionality of the Zenmuse XT2 offering new Intelligent Modes like the FLIR MSX. The Heliguy Team recently had the opportunity to test out the Zenmuse XT2 and try out all of the different modes and functions available.... Read More

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DJI Announce Geofencing Flexibility for Enterprise Pilots

Today, DJI have announced a huge improvement to their geofencing system for authorised enterprise drone pilots. A new and efficient process is available to select pilots who have the authorisation to fly in sensitive areas, in which geofencing unlock codes will be available within 30 minutes thanks to DJI’s staff who will be working around the clock. This development is ideal for the high demands of enterprise users that are often subject to time constraints. Keep reading to find out more on DJI Geofencing and how to unlock these areas.... Read More

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DJI Ronin-S In-Depth Series – Part 2 – Operation

Following our previous post on the setup of the new DJI Ronin-S, we’re continuing our in-depth series with a look at the operation and shooting modes available on this outstanding gimbal. You can use the Ronin app or the built-in joystick and buttons to control the Ronin-S, change modes and capture photos and videos. In this post, we will show you the operating and shooting modes available on the Ronin-S and how to achieve the best results with each. Keep reading to find out how you can achieve the best... Read More

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DJI Ronin-S In-Depth Series – Part 1 – Setup

At CES 2018 in January, DJI announced a brand-new gimbal for professional videographers and vloggers, the DJI Ronin-S. Made for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Ronin-S provides three-axis stabilisation for stunning shake-free videos and images. Following its announcement, DJI gave professionals from creative industries the opportunity to try out the gimbal and put it through its paces. The feedback was then put directly into the gimbal, resulting in a highly functional gimbal, shaped by its target audience. In this post, we will go through the set up of this new... Read More

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Hands-on with the Freefly Movi

In December of 2017, Freefly announced their first product for the consumer market; the Freefly Movi. Dubbed the cinema robot, Movi is a culmination of Freefly’s experience and knowledge of the professional film industry, boiled down into an expertly crafted handheld gimbal for smartphones. After clearing our pre-orders, we’ve finally had a chance to get our hands one. We then put its features to the test, going from setup and general use, through to testing the fantastic pre-programmed shooting modes. We’ll be showing you how to use this gimbal and... Read More

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Global Drone Regulations for Hobbyists

It seems like there’s no end to the increasing popularity of drones around the world. With the growing numbers of drone pilots, laws and regulations are also on the rise in an attempt to ensure safety with this evolving technology. With the summer holiday season near, we’ve begun to create a comprehensive list of the global regulations for hobbyist drone pilots to increase understanding when travelling with your drone. We’ve started with some of the most popular holiday destinations for UK residents in 2018 and will be adding to the... Read More