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3D Mapping with Drones – LiDAR Case Study

Heliguy Insider recently got the opportunity to speak to Maria-Valasia Peppa, a Research Associate in Geomatics from Newcastle University’s School of Engineering and Ivona Hubova, a Systems Engineer from 3D Laser Mapping. Our interviews followed a Heliguy enterprise handover for a DJI Matrice 600 Pro and LiDAR system supplied by 3D Laser Mapping, purchased by Newcastle University. We had the opportunity to discuss LiDAR systems and their integration with drones along with the applications the technology could benefit. Keep reading to find out more on LiDAR technology and for a... Read More

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Tips on Flying your Drone in Summer

Summer is the most popular time of year for drone pilots to get with their drone and enjoy the hopefully much-improved weather. You can stay out for longer with summer daylight hours and you’re hopefully less likely to encounter wind and rain, even here in the UK. Like you, we love getting out in the warmer months to enjoy the sun with our drones, however, you need to ensure you’re aware of certain potential issues to get the most out of your drone and have an incident-free flight. Whether you’re... Read More

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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 In-Depth Series – Part 2 – Shooting Modes

Continuing our in-depth series at the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, we have been looking at the incredible range of shooting modes that DJI have packed into this impressive smartphone gimbal. This latest iteration of the Osmo Mobile builds on the features of the original Osmo Mobile, improving the performance and overall functionality of the gimbal. It also includes the new Hyperlapse mode which helps you create a unique shot that was previously time-consuming both its production and editing. Keep reading to see the video and picture options on the Osmo Mobile 2... Read More

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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 In-Depth Series – Part 1 – Setup

At the start of the year, DJI announced their latest gimbal for smartphones; the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. This new gimbal came at a significantly reduced price point compared to the original Osmo Mobile, making it DJI’s most affordable gimbal to date. In this series, we will be taking an in-depth look at this new gimbal and giving to hints and tips on how to get the most out of it. We’ll be starting with setting up the gimbal as soon as you receive it along with the available settings... Read More

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Hands on with the DJI Cendence Remote Controller

The DJI Cendence is an advanced, professional-level remote controller for the DJI Inspire 2 and the Matrice 200 Series. It offers extensive control over the drone using pre-set and customisable buttons, dials and levers. The Cendence utilises DJI’s Lightbridge technology for an interference-free connection as well as offering up to five analogue channels to increase its overall efficiency. Master and Slave control also adds to the precision accuracy with the Cendence. Keep reading to find out more about the DJI Cendence controller. Specifications Let’s start by taking a look at... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Crowded Space Drones

Drones are being used as a tool in increasingly unique industries every day. One of these exciting new industries is related to public safety, crowd and event management. We recently had the opportunity to visit Heliguy customers from this industry, Crowded Space Drones. Our visit took place while they were on a job using a DJI Matrice 210 and Zenmuse Z30 to monitor the crowd at the Champions League semi-final between Liverpool vs Roma. We had a chance to see them in action and speak with the company director, Andrew McQuillan,... Read More

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DJI FlightHub Introduction

In November 2017 at AeroWorks, DJI announce their new tool for drone operation management; FlightHub. Designed for enterprise-level businesses, FlightHub is a web-based software that gives users live operation view, drone data management as well as personnel and drone management. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been testing out the features available on FlightHub. From our tests, we have created the below guide to show how to use its basic functions in real-world scenarios and demonstrate how it can benefit your drone operations. Keep reading to find out how... Read More

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DJI and Microsoft Announce Partnership

At this year’s Microsoft Build conference in Seattle, a one of a kind partnership was announced between drone giants, DJI and Microsoft. This alliance will bring together DJI’s drone platforms and Microsoft’s AI and machine learning technology for enterprise businesses. As part of the partnership, DJI will be releasing an SDK (Software Development Kit) specifically for use with Windows. Using the SDK, Windows 10 PCs will be able to control and customise DJI drones for a huge number of applications. Keep reading to find out more about the partnership between... Read More

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Vs Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Advanced

DJI have just announced the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, the latest drone in their standout Phantom Series. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 builds on the design of the original Phantom 4 Pro, adding new transmission and propulsion systems to the already impressive quadcopter. In this post, we will be looking at the Phantom 4 Pro and Pro V2.0, as well as the Phantom 4 Advanced, to see which drone is the strongest performer. Keep reading to find out more about the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. Specifications Let’s start... Read More

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DJI Announce Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

DJI have just announced the latest member of their iconic Phantom family; the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. The new version shares a wealth of features with its predecessor the, Phantom 4 Pro, with upgrades to improve the functionality and overall usability. Some of the key features are the 1’’ CMOS capable of 20MP and up to 4K, a new OcuSync transmission system, five direction obstacle sensing and a quieter and steadier flight. Keep reading to find out more on the Phantom 4 V2.0. Specifications Check out the DJI Phantom... Read More