Professional UAV Redundancy

The drone industry is ever-evolving. Small quadcopters are improving with every model iteration and the rate of development is showing no signs of slowing. This is thanks to companies like DJI who have just unveiled the brand new Phantom 3; a £1200 investment that will now provide the discerning hobbyist or professional client with a feature-filled 4K capable UAV. This means an established production company or inspection firm can obtain an out the box solution incredibly easily. Hurray for progress! What we are seeing however is an increasing level of blind... Read More

CAOSC – Congested Areas Operating Safety Case

Mention the ‘7 KG rule’ to anyone in the drone industry and you are guaranteed to spark a lengthy debate. The truth is, however, not everyone knows the letter of the law currently. Many prospective pilots are obsessed with building a rig below the fabled 7kg mark to enable flight in congested areas – even if it’s to the detriment of their camera configuration or even redundancy. ‘Congested areas’ is an all encompassing term and is one which is difficult to define. It’s very much open to interpretation. It would... Read More

DJI H4-3D, Should I Wait ?

H4-3D has been released by DJI! Here we discuss whether is is worth the wait or not. If you are thinking about getting a GoPro Hero 4 airborne you’re probably planning on doing so with the DJI Phantom 2 and a reliable FPV set up. Top marks, you’re on the right track! The Hero 4 is easily the best camera for it’s size and price point. When coupled with the latest incarnation of the Phantom 2 you essentially have a mini DJI S1000 and GH4. Most TV aerial work is... Read More

DJI at CES 2015 – New Products!

2015 is going to be a huge year for the drone industry as a whole. DJI are keen to capitalise on this and are showing no signs of slowing up. We’re just making our way into January and we have already seen 4 new products released at the CES show in Las Vegas. First up, DJI are keen to press ahead with their own camera technology and have released a small handheld gimbal designed around their Inspire One 4K camera. In practice, this means your Inspire can serve a dual... Read More

CAA Ground School – What to Expect

If you live in the UK and are looking to operate a Multicopter commercially you do need permissions to fly, The CAA, (Civil Aviation Authority) is the organisation that manages the rules. They govern the airways for all aircraft types to ensure we can all operate together safely. They also have preference on what terminology we use to describe our aircraft and systems – ‘drone’, Remote Piloted Aerial System (RPAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) being the most commonly known. You can read up on this here.... Read More

DJI S900 or DJI S1000?

The world of professional DJI Multirotors has just become a whole lot more complicated. First we had the DJI S1000, in recent months we have also seen the DJI S900 released and subsequently the new DJI S1000 Plus. If you’re looking to carry a 5D MKII or III your choice still remains S1000 based as the S900 simply isn’t up to the payload – its just a case of Premium or Plus. The two are pretty much identical in design but materials do differ: the Plus uses plastic construction compared... Read More