Heliguy’s Tech Team for Builds and Repairs

Drones are highly sophisticated pieces of technology which fly intelligently so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. But whether you fly your drone for business or pleasure sooner or later something will go wrong. You’ll have a crash or there’ll be a technical fault. Or maybe you’ll need us to build a bigger, better, custom “big rig” for professional work. That’s where our highly experienced technical support team swings into action. If you have problem, need an upgrade or want a new drone building then the Heliguy tech team are... Read More


100% Success on Heliguy Drone Pilot Course

Heliguy’s new commercial drone pilot training course got off to a flying start this week with all students, including an EMMY award winning cameraman, passing their ground school exam. Heliguy now has National Qualified Entity Status from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out training that leads to pilots or drone operating companies gaining a Permission For Aerial Work. From April to November 2015 Heliguy hosted other NQEs’ courses at our headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne but now we are qualified in our own right. Our first full course this week... Read More

Fly Your Christmas Drone Safely

If you’re one of the lucky people who will find a drone under the Christmas Tree this year – congratulations. You’ll be one of a growing number of people who are privileged to enjoy flying an exciting piece of technology that should bring hours of enjoyment. However, with the privilege comes responsibility – a responsibility to fly it safely. Unfortunately that means doing boring things like reading instructions carefully and heeding advice from people who know about these things like the Civil Aviation Authority. Every so often a drone story hits... Read More

DJI Announces Thermal FLIR Camera for Inspire 1 Drone

DJI has unveiled thermal FLIR cameras for its popular Inspire 1 drone and the Matrice M100. The Zenmuse XT cameras and gimbals will be welcomed by hundreds of commercial drone operators who’ve been looking for lightweight thermal imaging for their sub 7kg rigs. Price: £ to be announced Put down a deposit here. The XT is the result of DJI’s collaboration with FLIR Systems, who are at the forefront of thermal technology. DJI say the XT will be the world’s most powerful aerial thermal imaging camera and it’ll be available in the... Read More

Heliguy at Skytech 2016

Heliguy is looking forward to seeing you at the first big commercial drone event of 2016 – SkyTech in London. We’ll be joining dozens of other influential commercial UAV businesses at the Business Design Centre on January 27th and 28th . Come an see us on our stand because we’ll have plenty to talk to you about. Heliguy now has full National Qualified Entity Status The big news is that Heliguy has been granted National Qualified Entity Status (NQE) by the Civil Aviation Authority. That means we can train drone pilots... Read More


DJI Crash and Repair Packages – ‘Extra Care’

Buying a DJI drone is a major commitment for most people, regardless of  whether it’s for business or pleasure. So having some extra peace of mind while you’re getting to know your new aircraft would be nice to have, wouldn’t it? Even when you’ve mastered the technicalities and got the hang of flying your drone, sooner or later you’re going to have a potentially expensive crash or run into a snag that’s baffling you. That’s why Heliguy is introducing premium support packages for Phantom 3s and Inspires. As a DJI... Read More


Heliguy Christmas Offers on DJI Drones, Cameras and Stabilisers

We have some amazing Christmas offers on a wide range DJI products. They’re available between now and New Year’s Eve but that’s for as long as our stock lasts so make sure you get yours soon. Our best sellers – the Phantom 3 drones – come with a free DJI hard shell backpack which is worth £149. So whether you have a Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced or Professional, you can carry it easily over your shoulders with the controller, three batteries and the charger. It’s a great way to get... Read More


Heliguy Obtains CAA National Qualified Entity (NQE) Status

Heliguy are proud and delighted to announce that we have obtained National Qualified Entity Status (NQE) from the Civil Aviation Authority. An NQE entitles us to train and examine drone pilots who want to become commercial operators and to use their aircraft for business purposes. We will provide ground school training, an examination and a practical flight test. Once pilots have completed these elements and prepared an Operations Manual, we are able to recommend them to the CAA for a Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW). Heliguy have had to assure... Read More


DJI Launches $15,000 Agras Crop Dusting Drone

DJI has launched an intelligent, crop-dusting drone. The DJI Agras MG-1 is an octocopter designed to make the job of arable farmers a great deal easier. The agricultural UAV can carry up to 10 kilos of herbicide, pesticide or fertiliser and is capable of spraying between 4,000 and 6,000 square metres in just 10 minutes, which translates into 7-10 acres an hour. DJI say the aircraft has an advanced flight controller, a reliable cooling system, a foldable frame-design, a large tank and a powerful propulsion system, and a dedicated remote controller... Read More

Black Friday Incredible Drone Deals from Heliguy

Heliguy has some amazing Black Friday deals and some great finance packages to go with them. You can get a Phantom 3 Professional, which comes with a 4K camera, a spare battery and free shipping for the bargain price of just £1079. The usual price for the drone is £1159 and a battery would cost £124 so that adds up to a saving of £204. We’re also selling the Phantom 3 Standard for the astonishingly low price of £539 – that’s a saving of £110 on the regular price. For the... Read More