DJI Announces GEO Geofencing System That You Can Override

DJI has announced a new geofencing system for its Phantom and Inspire drones. It means pilots can apply to override some of the restrictions providing they’re registered with a DJI account. The No Fly Zones originally introduced by DJI in  2014 restricted all Phantom and then Inspire pilots and stopped them flying near airports. The problem was that it also prevented qualified commercial pilots from flying even if they’d cleared it with air traffic control. The new Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) system, which will launch in December 2015 in North America... Read More


Remote View – Sending Live Drone Pictures Around the World

The great thing about unmanned aircraft is that you can take them to normally inaccessible places and get images back down to the ground instantaneously. But what happens when  you need to show those live images to someone at the other end of the country or maybe the other side of the world? Here at Heliguy we’ve be trying out a simple but effective solution that allows you to beam your drone shots live anywhere on the globe. There’s no need to delay things by downloading video from a memory... Read More


Heliguy Obtains Consumer Credit Licence to Enable Flexible Finance for Customers

Heliguy can now offer a wide range of attractive credit deals to customers wanting to buy drones and equipment. But we’re unique in that we can offer finance for pilot training. Recently we’ve been able to give 0% finance after payment of a large deposit of up to 50% but the granting of our Consumer Credit Licence means we can arrange deposits as low as 10% with monthly payments to suit all budgets. Payment plans of just £50 a month are now an option. The exact amount of the deposit and... Read More

DJI Recommends Microphones for the Osmo Camera

Users of DJI’s new stabilised, hand-held camera, the Osmo have discovered one limiting factor – the microphone. Because of the noise the Osmo makes and because of the location of the built-in mic at the top of the handle, new owners have been contacting DJI and asking them to recommend third party microphones that would fit the bill. Now DJI have announced that, after “testing hundreds of different microphones from lots of different manufacturers”, they have come up with a short list of six recommended models. They would probably attach to... Read More


Heliguy & DJI Head for the Kendal Mountain Festival

Heliguy and DJI will be reaching new heights at the 2015 Kendal Mountain Festival in the English Lake District. The four day festival of everything to do with mountains, wild places and adventure, also incorporates an International film-making competition. On Thursday November 19th at 1.00 we’ll be hosting a workshop for a special audience of film professionals at Kendal College and demonstrating  DJI drones and camera stabilisers. At 11.00 on Friday the 20th we will be showing off the Ronin and Ronin-M camera stabilisers as well as the exciting, brand new stabiliser –... Read More

Number Plates for Drones?

Personalised number plates for cars have been around for decades and, let’s face it, you either love them or hate them. But what about number plates for drones? That’s what the Danish government and a university are working on at the moment. And, before you go rushing out to reserve your own special, cherished number, you need to know that the number plates they’re working on are electronic and a bit like a transponder on a full size aircraft. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense and the Danish... Read More

Phantom X – Fact or Fiction?

When a motor manufacturer shows off its latest concept car at a show we usually understand that they’re testing the water and trying out a few revolutionary concepts on the public before releasing a toned down version of the design a year or two down the line. So what do we make of the DJI Phantom X? The “concept” was unveiled in a glossy video and so far it’s generated excitement and scepticism in equal measure. Sci-Fi visions of the future DJI say: “We all loved the 1980s’ sci-fi visions of... Read More

Order Early for Christmas

You won’t thank me for reminding you but Christmas is just around the corner. It’s a busy time for everyone here at Heliguy as we help Santa’s elves to fulfil their orders. While we strive to provide our usual lightning quick service, at this time of year it helps everyone, including the big man with the red robes and long white beard, if you can order as early as possible. So, to do our bit to help, we thought it would be a good idea of give you the last posting... Read More

DJI Buys Share in High-end Camera Maker, Hasselblad

Drone manufacturer DJI has acquired a strategic minority stake in the high end, Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad. It may seem to be a surprising move but DJI recently released a micro four thirds aerial camera for the Inspire 1 quadcopter after having earlier joined the MFT group which includes Panasonic. Perhaps this collaboration with Hasselblad, which will give DJI a seat on the board, will lead to larger, higher definition, airborne cameras for the drone manufacturer’s bigger aircraft. Hasselblad began as an aerial camera maker in the Second World War... Read More

More UK Police Drone Trials with DJI Inspire Quadcopter

More police forces in the UK are trialing drones. This week Devon and Cornwall Police began a six month experiment with DJI Inspire 1 aircraft and they’ve already been put to use. Neighbouring Dorset will join in later this month (November 26th) and Midlands forces Warwickshire and West Mercia are due to start their trials in the new year. Earlier this year we reported how Heliguy had helped Cumbria Police to get airborne with two Inspires. We provided training for a team of officers at our Newcastle headquarters. Devon and... Read More