4K or not 4K? That is the Question

4K TV and video have been around for a while now. In the mainstream drone world it was probably the Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera which took 4K to new heights of popularity.  On smaller rigs the GoPro Hero 4 also made 4K available, followed by the DJI Inspire 1. Broadcast and cinema 4K cameras were available long before the GH4 was launched in early 2014. But how much is 4K being used? Do clients want it and do drone camera operators want or need to shoot it? I haven’t splashed... Read More

Drones for sport

Not so long ago we brought you the story of Arsenal Football Club’s coaching team who were using DJI Phantoms to improve their players’ performances. Since then we’ve heard of other top UK teams using drones for similar work and it got us thinking about all the sports that might be using drone technology. In the USA drones have been used for a while to monitor American Football training sessions. The top shots you get are ideal for plotting players’ movements for the the training debrief afterwards. It’s not just the... Read More

Unsafe Drone Flying: Who to Tell and What the Rules Are

Do you fly your drone safely? Honestly? Do you know the rules for safe flying and obey them or do you know the rules and choose to ignore them when it suits you? Or maybe you’re like the joker that our Sales Manager Scott saw at a Ford car enthusiasts’ event in Leeds at the weekend. He was flying his Phantom 3 between 5 and 10 feet above the heads of the crowds and the cars. But it gets worse. He was also flying underneath and BETWEEN high voltage power lines.... Read More


DJI Focus for Inspires and Ronins

Follow focus isn’t a term that’s likely to be familiar to all aerial camera operators or videographers. That’s because it’s usually confined to bigger budget productions or “serious” film making. In simple terms, follow focus allows for precise and repeatable focus moves by a camera operator or, if you have the budget, a separate focus puller/camera assistant. It’s a control wheel that is linked to a gear wheel which turns the focus ring on the lens. The control knob usually has a white disc around it which can be marked with focus... Read More


Lightbridge 2 vs Amimon CONNEX

It barely seems like five minutes since DJI launched its revolutionary Lightbridge system, combining a digital HD video transmission system with flight control.  (It was actually the end of April 2014). Now there’s Lightbridge 2 which was launched this month and slightly overshadowed by the announcement about the exciting new X5 cameras for the Inspire 1. So how does the latest model compare with version 1 and the rival system – the Amimon CONNEX? The biggest and most obvious difference with Lightbridge 2 is that the ground end of the system has been... Read More

0% Finance from Heliguy

Heliguy is now offering 0% finance not just on new drones and accessories but also on our pilot training courses. You can call us now for a link to apply online but you’ll soon be able to apply direct from our website. Ring our helpful team on 862 298 5964. Spreading the cost of new equipment makes a great deal of sense, especially if you’re starting up a new drone related business and need to find your feet financially. Working with Pay4Later, Heliguy can offer 0% terms over 12 months after a... Read More

Freefly ALTA has Landed

The long awaited Freefly ALTA has arrived at Heliguy HQ. It’s a high spec hexacopter for professional camera flyers and can carry Freefly’s MoVi gimbals. What sets then ALTA apart from other pro rigs is the fact that it can carry a camera and gimbal on top as well as below. That opens up all sorts of new shooting opportunities. An elegant, high class piece of engineering The ALTA isn’t just a high class piece of engineering, it’s an elegant, high class piece of engineering. It’s curved arms wrap neatly... Read More

X5 or X5R? Two Great New Cameras for the Inspire 1

The announcement of the newDJI Zenmuse X5 and X5R cameras signals a major breakthrough for commercial drone operators. Not only do the Micro Four Thirds cameras offer improved quality and interchangeable lenses on such a relatively small platform, they can also take advantage of the versatile DJI GO app for accurate camera and drone control. There certainly was a flurry of excitement  when the two new cameras were revealed but, now the dust has begun to settle, which camera will be best for you? The good news is that if you already... Read More

Heliguy and DJI – 100% Design

Heliguy and DJI  are heading to the UK’s largest and longest running contemporary design event later this month. 100% Design describes itself as a diverse, inspirational design experience. It’s attracted tens of thousands of design professionals for more than 20 years. DJI is launching a special edition magazine about the company called “SkyPixel”. The magazine introduces DJI and the wider UAV industry and will be in both English and Chinese. Visitors will be able to meet Heliguy staff and talk about DJI’s iconic aircraft as well as the range of... Read More

New DJI Inspire X5 Cameras

DJI has announced not one but two professional quality cameras for the Inspire 1 quadcopter which will take things to a higher level.  The Zenmuse X5 and X5R can replace the standard X3 camera and gimbal supplied with the Inspire. Place deposit here 0% finance available. Call us on 862 298 5964 to discuss. As we predicted, the cameras have micro four thirds sensors of 16 megapixels. They also have a lens mount which, at present, can take three prime lenses giving fields of view of 84 to 72 degrees.... Read More