Inspire Pro Camera

Exciting rumours about the new pro camera for the extremely popular DJI Inspire 1. DJI is rumoured to be making an announcement tonight (1.00am Friday September 10th UK time) which will reveal a new gimbal and micro four thirds sensor camera, which some suggest could even have a zoom and interchangeable lenses. Certainly a better, narrower prime lens and camera combo appear to be on the cards. It’s thought the new camera will have a 16 megapixel sensor. It was in February this year that DJI announced that it was supporting... Read More

Heliguy Gains ISO 9001

  Heliguy is committed to delivering a quality service to all of its customers and we are delighted to announce that we have gained ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 : 2008 is a way of demonstrating to everyone you deal with that you are committed to quality in all areas of your business. So to get certification Heliguy has undergone a rigorous assessment of its quality management systems for sales, customer service, staff training, equipment, and technical support and repairs. The benefits to the customers are obvious, with improved service and... Read More

Phantom 3 Comparison

The DJI Phantom 3 range is complete after the arrival of the Standard and it’s been made even better now with the release of firmware which adds some great features. Waypoints, Point of Interest and Follow Me are long awaited additions to the Phantom 3’s repertoire and will open up all sorts of exciting possibilities for video work. The same firmware upgrade has added 2.7K to the Advanced model’s camera, which previously only went up to 1080 HD or 1K. We thought it would be useful to compare the most important... Read More

Defence Against Drones

“Prepare for the drone apocalypse” is the alarming slogan being used by a U.S. company to advertise a range of shotgun cartridges which reckless and irresponsible gun owners could use to take out a drone. At the other extreme U.S. aerospace giant Boeing has developed a high power laser which is designed to down an unmanned aerial vehicle by burning holes in it. Here in the UK we’re trying to stay safe while still being subtle and sophisticated. OpenWorks Engineering in the North East of England is developing SkyWall, a drone defence system that... Read More


Training from Heliguy Inspires Police Force

Heliguy has helped the police in Cumbria with drone training so that they can use UAVs to tackle crime and to keep people safe. Earlier this year, staff from the Constabulary’s Operational Support Unit came to Heliguy’s headquarters in Newcastle for a day’s classroom training on how to use DJI Inspire 1 quadcopters. Searches for missing people The force’s Operational Support Unit bought two of the UAVs to assess them in a wide range of roles and, after rigorous testing, they’ve been used in a number of missing person searches in the county. Over... Read More

Infrared and Thermal Sensors on Drones

Most pilots flying a drone will be using it for stills or video work. It’s the most obvious and popular use for aerial camera platforms. But increasingly other types of sensors are coming to the fore, especially infra-red cameras for thermal imaging. The potential number of uses for infrared cameras is vast and includes search and rescue, surveillance,  crop and forest health, electrical gear including solar panels, pipeline inspection, leak detection, and building efficiency. Before we dive in it’s worth taking a while to shed some light on the electromagnetic spectrum.... Read More

Ronin or Ronin-M? Weighing Them Up

If you’ve flown your camera on a DJI drone you’ll know how smooth and slick the shots can be thanks to the revolutionary brushless motor gimbals. But that wonderful technology is also available back on the ground. The DJI Ronin and its smaller, lighter, brother, the Ronin-M will be an absolute revelation to the videographer who’s looking for that stylish, floating look which, in the past, has only really been available from high-end, expensive pieces of kit like Steadicam. So what’s the difference between the two models and which one will be... Read More

DJI Matrice 100 Test Flights

The DJI Matrice 100 hasn’t made the sort of high profile entry into the world that its more stylish sibling the Inspire 1 made at the end of last year. But our technicians were still keen to get their hands on the first one to arrive at Heliguy HQ. An Inspire 1 with a serious face This drone is not a toy or even the sort of craft that a commercial operator might use for videos or photography, although it could be. Instead it’s an Inspire 1 with a serious face. It’s an... Read More


Unlock DJI GO No Fly Zones

UPDATE: This service is no longer available. DJI’s No Fly Zones are a great safety feature on the DJI GO app (formerly the DJI Pilot) but for qualified commercial pilots who fly with the Phantom 3, the Inspire 1 and the new Matrice 100 it has seriously restricted their operations. The app limits where you can fly and was designed to stop inexperienced pilots from flying their drones into controlled or restricted airspace, especially around airports. The last thing you want to see is reckless or beginner pilots  flying their drone into the engine of... Read More

Drone Batteries on Airliners

It’s peak holiday time and every owner of a drone will soon or later think of taking it abroad to take their holiday movies to a whole new level. But be careful. Not only is it worth checking on the national air regulations at your holiday destination (more on that soon) but you’ll need to navigate your way through the rules about batteries – especially lithium polymer ones. As any safe drone pilot knows, you have to be careful with Li-Pos. If you look after them and don’t take any chances then... Read More