3DR Solo versus DJI Phantom 3

The 3DR Solo, the new camera quadcopter from 3D Robotics in the USA, has been hailed as a serious competitor for the DJI Phantom 3. The only problem is you can’t buy it in the UK. Latest estimates are the end of July and even then you may have to wait for a GoPro gimbal. In the meantime the Phantom 3 has been selling by the hangar load in both versions – Advanced and Professional. So have 3DR missed the boat or is the Solo going to be worth the wait?... Read More

BNUC, RPQ and the Rest

So you’ve bought yourself a nice, shiny new drone to play with and you’ve had great fun flying it around a field, filming your neighbourhood without terrorising your neighbours, and then suddenly you think: “I could make a living out of this”. Well you won’t be the first person to have done this. At the last count (April 2015) there were 597 commercial Small Unmanned Aircraft operators in the UK and, although that may seem a lot, there’s plenty of room for more. The number of uses that drones are being put to... Read More


Carbon Fibre Props for a Phantom 2 – Are Not That Good!

It seems the first thing that people do when they get a shiny new piece of kit like a DJI Phantom is to try to customise it. And one of the first things that people try is replacing the standard DJI white props with shiny, black, carbon fibre ones. But apart from the fact that they look stylish there really is no point. After talking to our resident tech team and trawling through the internet, the conclusion is that they don’t improve performance and, in many cases, actually make it worse. For... Read More


Arsenal FC’s Top-Flight Phantom Footballers

DJI Phantoms are flying high in the Premier League. Arsenal Football Club is using the popular quadcopters to improve training at its illustrious Football Academy. Mark Curtis, Assistant Football Analyst at the club, got in touch to tell us about the novel use he puts Phantom drones to at the famous football club’s training centre in Hertfordshire. “At Arsenal Football Club we use the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopters to capture training footage for the academy,” says Mark. “The Football Analysis department currently have a growing fleet of quadcopters and are always on the lookout for the newest technologies... Read More


The DJI Ronin-M: the Lighter Stabiliser

The DJI Ronin-M camera stabiliser (£1,299) is designed for the professional film maker who isn’t blessed with big biceps. It’s a lightweight, state of the art, 3 brushless motor gimbal that opens up all sorts of possibilities for the camera person who wants to create effortless, gliding shots with a touch of class. There’s been high demand for this lighter, younger brother of the original DJI Ronin since it was unveiled at NAB 2015. Although it has been a big seller, the Ronin was too heavy for some operators, especially when larger... Read More

Drone Zones Safe Flying Site App

A new worldwide app to help drone pilots find the best flying sites has been launched. It’s thanks to a collaboration between YouTube video blogger and DJI Phantom pilot Simon Newton of “On The Kitchen Table” fame and Open Lab at Newcastle University. “Drone Zones” is free to download from the iTunes and Google Play but it relies on you the pilot to supply the information. So if you have a favourite location and you don’t mind sharing it with the rest of the world, you can use the interactive map to target it then... Read More

Thermal camera for DJI Inspire 1

UPDATE: DJI have since announced the new Zenmuse XT thermal imaging camera which they have developed with FLIR Imaging. Read more about it here. Great news for DJI Inspire 1 owners and anyone who wants to get a thermal imaging camera airborne. Heliguy can now supply a FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) camera upgrade for the extremely versatile Inspire. In collaboration with UK company Tectronik , we can supply a tiny, fixed FLIR camera, on-board recorder and transmitter plus an extra monitor for your Inspire’s controller. The kit also comes with a... Read More

Freefly Alta Pro filming drone arriving in August

The hotly anticipated professional hexacopter, the Freefly ALTA, is due to be released in August. The aircraft, with a price of £6,964, is designed to carry Freefly’s handheld camera stabilisers, the Movi 5, 10 and 15, but its party trick is that the gimbal can be mounted on top of the rig as well as underneath. This opens up an amazing new set of filming possibilities for the creative professional. Aerial movie makers will be able to fly professional cameras including RED Dragon, Sony F55, and ALEXA Mini. Its maximum payload is... Read More

Cold Batteries Hit Drone Flight Times

Research commissioned by Heliguy shows that low storage temperatures can have an adverse effect on the performance of drone batteries. Power levels drop significantly, particularly in the first 5 minutes of flight. In partnership with the Business and Intellectual Property Centre, Heliguy (Colena UK Ltd) asked Northumbria University to test the effects of extreme environmental temperatures on battery storage and discharge. The research was divided into two stages. 1) the effects of temperatures between -10 degs C and 40 degs C on the stored charge and 2) how the same... Read More

Royal Television Society Drone Event

The Rise of the Drones sounds like the latest sci-fi spectacular but it could easily have been the title for a Royal Television Society drone event in Newcastle. Around a hundred people from the TV and film industry were guests of the Society’s North East and The Border Centre to find out why the drone shot has become such a must have ingredient in almost any production these days. Heliguy went along too to hear from Mark Batey, a BBC Academy trainer and advisor, who bought his first Phantom from... Read More