Soar with DJI Inspire 1

The DJI Inspire 1 is due to be available from Mid-December 2014. The new release from DJI sits in between the likes of the DJI Phantom 2 and the DJI S900/S1000 Spreading Wings range. Heliguy are already working with clients that can use this rig for various tasks where a drone is needed of this price and specification. BUY DJI INSPIRE 1 HERE If you would like to “Soar” with the DJI Inspire 1, whether your thinking of using thermal mapping or need to broadcast live HD video, please do... Read More

DJI Lightbridge + Multiple Receivers (Master – Slave)

The DJI Lightbridge has the facility to transmit to multiple receivers, giving the ability to view the live video feed in extra locations within range of the transmitter. A useful feature to allow access to live footage, whilst keeping viewers in a separate safe location. To set this up, the primary receiver, connected to the RC, is the master. The other receivers will then become the slave units. Connect to the master Lightbridge using the android app (IOS version coming soon) and access the settings menu. Select the Master – Slave... Read More

DJI S900 or DJI S1000?

The world of professional DJI Multirotors has just become a whole lot more complicated. First we had the DJI S1000, in recent months we have also seen the DJI S900 released and subsequently the new DJI S1000 Plus. If you’re looking to carry a 5D MKII or III your choice still remains S1000 based as the S900 simply isn’t up to the payload – its just a case of Premium or Plus. The two are pretty much identical in design but materials do differ: the Plus uses plastic construction compared... Read More


DJI Phantom Battery Update – Two LED Lights Flashing

We at Heliguy have noticed quite a few calls over the past few days about batteries with the middle two LED lights flashing. This is caused by a problem during the software update, if the phantom looses connection via USB or power during the update you may encounter this issue. Fortunately the solution for this issue is very simple and only requires the latest version of the Phantom 2 Vision Assistant 3.6. Simply plug the phantom back into your PC or Mac (Note: PC will require the download of Win... Read More


DJI Phantom 2 FPV Flight Tips for Novices

Need FPV flight tips? Are you a DJI Phantom 2 PFV owner? At Heliguy, we hate crashes as much as you do. Our UK DJI repair centre deals with crashes and warranty problems on a daily basis. If we can help with this, the below guide with tips and tricks is the very start. 1. Do not panic, this is the number one reason for Phantom 2 crashes. 2. Download the latest software and drivers from, install, connect the Phantom 2 and auto update. 3. Calibrate the compass and... Read More

The New UPGRADED Phantom 2

In the past few weeks, in the run up to the release of the DJI Inspire 1, the Phantom 2 got a facelift. The new upgraded Phantom 2 features a number of great little features, here are the ones we love. The Transmitter So the new upgrade version of the phantom 2 came out last week and has a lot of good features! The first being that instead of the lever on the back (which controls camera tilt control) which caused a lot of people problems, by disconnecting internally, we... Read More


New Phantom Assistant v3.6 Released

Phantom Assistant version upgrades include battery firmware and Gimbal IMU. Updates to support the new Remote and propulsion hardware. Also dynamic home point setting, ability to change return to home altitude for the main controller. German, French and Japanese now supported within Vision Plus app. Follow link to DJI site for new software John PattersonHeliguy’s blogger and Head of Digital Content Production, John Patterson, keeps our readers informed about what’s going on in the world of drones. Living and breathing content production, his background in writing spans an eclectic... Read More


Compass Calibration: DJI Phantom 2 / Vision +

Here at Heliguy, we have many customers confused about the compass calibration procedure on DJI Phantom quadcopters.  We hope the following information helps you up in the air faster. IMPORTANT: You must perform the Compass Calibration procedures prior to the first flight. The DJI compass is very sensitive to electromagnetic interference which causes abnormal compass data and leads to poor flight performance or even flight failure. Regular calibration of the compass enables the compass to perform at its optimal level. (1)DO NOT calibrate your compass where there is a possibility for the... Read More

TIP: START off with a DJI Phantom first!

Here at Heliguy, we specialise in providing professional aerial systems to the discerning client – if you need a RED Epic in the air, we can oblige. For a lot of our potential customers keen to learn the ropes however; experience is not something you are blessed with and a budget of around £1k seems sensible. But does this mean you have to settle for a system that will soon become a limiting factor once you are ready to jump up to the next level? Of course it doesn’t!  Our... Read More


DJI DropSafe Coming Soon?

Well we got wind from our South African distributor that DJI were requesting commodity codes for CO2 propulsion system, which sounds like DJI DropSafe is coming online very soon. We are really looking forward to fitting the DJI Dropsafe as standard on all our bigger builds, as well as retrofitting our existing clients.  We think the CAA, FCC and insurers will love it as it adds a layer of safety to the operation of the heavier aircrafts. Take a look at DJI Dropsafe The drop safe is a drop speed reduction system, compatible... Read More