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Global Drone Regulations for Hobbyists

It seems like there’s no end to the increasing popularity of drones around the world. With the growing numbers of drone pilots, laws and regulations are also on the rise in an attempt to ensure safety with this evolving technology. With the summer holiday season near, we’ve begun to create a comprehensive list of the global regulations for hobbyist drone pilots to increase understanding when travelling with your drone. We’ve started with some of the most popular holiday destinations for UK residents in 2018 and will be adding to the... Read More

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EASA Update UAV Regulation Proposal

EASA (The European Aviation Safety Agency) have just published the latest stage in their proposal for changes to the regulation of the use of UAVs in Europe. This latest stage is the ‘Proposal to Commission’ in the EASA rulemaking process and follows the feedback on the proposal in May of 2017. The document details suggestions of new and revised regulations that could become mandatory following the final decision in the first quarter of 2019. Keep reading to find out the potential new regulations from EASA and how it could affect... Read More

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DJI Introduce a UK General Knowledge Quiz

Ahead of the new UK Drone Bill, due for release in Spring of 2018, DJI have announced a new general knowledge quiz for all pilots flying in the UK. The quiz will be mandatory for all pilots operating in UK Airspace before their first flight and delivered through the DJI GO 4 app. The general knowledge quiz is set for release on Friday the 22/12/2017 before the influx of new pilots receiving drones for Christmas. In a statement from the CAA on the 02/12/2017, they estimated an additional 1.5 million... Read More

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A Guide to Operation Manuals

Heliguy are a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) who provide commercial drone operating in three locations across the UK; Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough. Commercial drone operators must obtain permissions from the CAA in order to make any profit from their drone. Not sure whether you need permissions? Head to our guide to find out here. In this post, we’ll be walking you through the Operations Manual, but first, let’s take a look at the other stages required to obtain your permissions with Heliguy. Heliguy Training Heliguy’s... Read More


New UK Drone Regulations Announced

This weekend, the UK government announced their plans to release a new Drone Bill in the Spring of 2018. The bill is designed to increase drone safety whilst keeping Britain at the front of drone technology development and expand their use with businesses and infrastructure. The suggested new laws include a drone safety test, registration and powers for the police to ground and seize drones if it’s suspected they’re being used for criminal activity. The announcement came on from the Department for Transport, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Innovate UK,... Read More

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Operations Manual Consultancy

  In the UK, the number of drone pilots obtaining their permissions from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to fly commercially is going up weekly. To obtain permissions, you must complete a Ground School and pass a multiple choice exam, pass a Flight Assessment and complete an Operations Manual which is submitted to the CAA. As the number of PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) applications goes up, so do the tools and resources available to help speed up the process of applying for your permissions. These include online elements to... Read More

Ft Image News 04/08/2017
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News: DJI Partner with 3DR & CAA emergency service regulations change

The last couple of weeks have seen some interesting announcements across the droning world. Firstly, with the news of the UK drone registrations that we covered here. Now DJI have been making friends with old rivals and the CAA have been reducing some regulations. Keep reading for the full update below.   DJI have partnered with 3D Robotics. DJI and their previous competitors have partnered up, allowing 3DR’s software to now be used with DJI’s drones. 3DR was previously thought of as the up and coming drone manufacturer who could... Read More

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Five Reasons to Choose Heliguy for your CAA Drone Training

  Heliguy are a CAA approved NQE who offer nationwide training courses. Their course guides pilots through the process of obtaining a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) from the CAA.   What’s Included in Heliguy’s Training? Our course is split across three different sections: Three Day Ground School – The theoretical section of the course that gives students the understanding of equipment used, safe aircraft operations and a variety of aviation knowledge.  A theory exam is completed at the end of this section. Operations Manual – The OSC (Operating Safety... Read More


Heliguy Interviews 360 TV

We’ve had a lot of people asking us about regulations around the world and perhaps more than anywhere else, Spain. This obviously makes sense with it being a hugely popular holiday destination for Brits and with the Summer coming up on us again, what better time to get airborne and take some holiday snaps with your drone. However, the Spanish laws are somewhat stricter than those in the UK. While we’ve provided an overview of them in our Guide to Global Drone Regulations, it’s always best to ask someone who... Read More

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Heliguy’s Drone Regulation Survey – The Results

Drone regulation will always prove to be a divisive issue. With so many stakeholders in the SUA community, many of them with vastly different goals, it goes without saying that regulating unmanned aircraft has proved difficult. As governmental and aviation authorities scramble to keep up with the rapid advances in drone technology and plan accordingly, it has become difficult for some to keep track of all the guidelines currently in place.   We’ve previously created a guide which provides an insight into how drones are regulated around the world which... Read More