Drone Legislation

Fastest Trained UAV Pilot in the UK

Flying a drone safely takes training and training takes time. But if you’re organised and efficient it’s amazing what you can achieve. We think we’ve trained the fastest student in the UK – so far. Heliguy set the scene with lectures on the commercial drone industry, how drones work (particularly DJI aircraft), and how to fly them safely. The course  (priced at £1,680) continues with air law, principles of flight, regulation, meteorology and navigation. After a theory exam students later take a practical flight assessment. (Call 862 298 5964 or... Read More

CAOSC – Congested Areas Operating Safety Case

Mention the ‘7 KG rule’ to anyone in the drone industry and you are guaranteed to spark a lengthy debate. The truth is, however, not everyone knows the letter of the law currently. Many prospective pilots are obsessed with building a rig below the fabled 7kg mark to enable flight in congested areas – even if it’s to the detriment of their camera configuration or even redundancy. ‘Congested areas’ is an all encompassing term and is one which is difficult to define. It’s very much open to interpretation. It would... Read More

Heliguy Offer PFAW Through NQE & CAA

Heliguy are pleased to be working directly with a National Qualified Entity (NQE) and the CAA, to bring simple flying advice and CAA rules to the fore. At Heliguy we advocate applying flying rules to all flights and like to make sure all UAV flyers work correctly, and safely, within the CAA approved rules. It’s useful to read through the following advice and just refresh your knowledge of the distances and parameters to functioning safely. Most UAV users are within much smaller distances so we know most rigs in our world are... Read More