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Operations Manual Consultancy

  In the UK, the number of drone pilots obtaining their permissions from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to fly commercially is going up weekly. To obtain permissions, you must complete a Ground School and pass a multiple choice exam, pass a Flight Assessment and complete an Operations Manual which is submitted to the CAA. As the number of PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) applications goes up, so do the tools and resources available to help speed up the process of applying for your permissions. These include online elements to... Read More

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Heliguy Pre-Flight Checklist

A pre-flight checklist is important for all drone pilots to complete before beginning every flight. A checklist will help ensure you bring all of your equipment to your flight, fully charged and ready to go, as well as avoid issues that could lead to a drone crash that could have easily been prevented. Heliguy have worked with their Training Team to develop a downloadable copy of the Heliguy Pre-Flight Checklist, to help you be prepared for each flight and keep you and your aircraft safe. Our Training Team have a wealth of... Read More


UK Drone Registration Plans Announced

The UK government has announced that it has put plans in place to enforce registration for all drones over 250g. This will apply to every drone currently available from DJI.   In addition to the registration of the drone, there are also plans to introduce a ‘safety awareness course’ for drone owners to ensure that they’re aware of all current regulation surrounding their use. DJI have come out in support of the move. So what does this mean for our customers? When will drone registration be enforced in the UK?... Read More

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Five Reasons to Choose Heliguy for your CAA Drone Training

  Heliguy are a CAA approved NQE who offer nationwide training courses. Their course guides pilots through the process of obtaining a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) from the CAA.   What’s Included in Heliguy’s Training? Our course is split across three different sections: Three Day Ground School – The theoretical section of the course that gives students the understanding of equipment used, safe aircraft operations and a variety of aviation knowledge.  A theory exam is completed at the end of this section. Operations Manual – The OSC (Operating Safety... Read More

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Heliguy’s Drone Flight Test: A Visual Guide

  Heliguy is a CAA approved NQE and runs drone training courses in three UK-locations: Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough. Our expert in-house training team are there to guide you through every step of the process. This article takes a look at the final step you’ll take before the CAA submission, a test of your piloting skills and ability to adapt under pressure in real-world scenarios. Read on to get and inside track on our practical drone flight test.   Training with Heliguy There are three main sections to the training you... Read More

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The Drone Training Landscape 2017

Here at Heliguy, we’ve been providing machine-specific drone training courses since 2015 and have already seen the market change rapidly. Wider awareness of drones as a commercial tool has created more demand for training and, as businesses discover the true value of aerial services, the type of enquiries we receive have also evolved. With a greater knowledge of drone services proliferated by the media and savvy online marketing comes the likelihood that 2017 will be a big year for innovation as companies try to carve themselves a niche in this... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Aerospec Ltd.

As we continue to develop our focus on the enterprise marketplace, Heliguy has been reaching out to trainees to find out what they have been up to since successfully completing our PfCO training course. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships developed through device focused training, supplying industry leading aircraft and offering an unparalleled level of knowledge to each and every one of our clients. Recently we caught up with Nick Morgan of Aerospec Ltd. an aerial surveying company with strong ties to Heliguy. Based in Lockerbie, Scotland, the company... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Drone Safe Register

Drone services have become an integral part of a number of industries (filmmaking, inspection etc.), with unmanned aircraft having successfully made the transition from hobbyist pastime to a commercial asset. While this is certainly exciting for those working within the ecosystem and those dreaming up innovative ways to use drones, it’s important to bear in mind that there are guidelines that must be followed in the interest of safety and legality. For instance, if you’re looking to operate a drone for profit in the UK, you must receive operational permissions... Read More

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Heliguy’s Drone Video Editing Course – An Insider Look

As many of our readers will already know, to complement our existing training courses, Heliguy has identified the need for a video editing course specifically geared towards drone footage. We’re offering a beginner’s guide on how to capture and edit aerial videos into a showreel you’ll be able to present to clients. The course is located at our Newcastle HQ where you’ll have access to great facilities and the ability to chat with our dedicated team of experts between sessions. We also have a suite of dedicated editing terminals which... Read More


CAA Drone Training in Manchester – Earn your PfCO

Here at Heliguy, we’re committed to providing the best possible training experience for everyone that attends our courses. With three locations: Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough; we’re able to offer you an unbeatable 3-day course wherever you may live in the UK. This article provides an overview of what you can expect from our CAA Drone Training Course in Manchester. If you need a drone license (officially called a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation) you’ve come to the right place! Our courses help drone pilots secure a permission for aerial work from the... Read More