Drone Training


100% Success on Heliguy Drone Pilot Course

Heliguy’s new commercial drone pilot training course got off to a flying start this week with all students, including an EMMY award winning cameraman, passing their ground school exam. Heliguy now has National Qualified Entity Status from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out training that leads to pilots or drone operating companies gaining a Permission For Aerial Work. From April to November 2015 Heliguy hosted other NQEs’ courses at our headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne but now we are qualified in our own right. Our first full course this week... Read More


Heliguy Obtains CAA National Qualified Entity (NQE) Status

Heliguy are proud and delighted to announce that we have obtained National Qualified Entity Status (NQE) from the Civil Aviation Authority. An NQE entitles us to train and examine drone pilots who want to become commercial operators and to use their aircraft for business purposes. We will provide ground school training, an examination and a practical flight test. Once pilots have completed these elements and prepared an Operations Manual, we are able to recommend them to the CAA for a Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW). Heliguy have had to assure... Read More


Heliguy Obtains Consumer Credit Licence to Enable Flexible Finance for Customers

Heliguy can now offer a wide range of attractive credit deals to customers wanting to buy drones and equipment. But we’re unique in that we can offer finance for pilot training. Recently we’ve been able to give 0% finance after payment of a large deposit of up to 50% but the granting of our Consumer Credit Licence means we can arrange deposits as low as 10% with monthly payments to suit all budgets. Payment plans of just £50 a month are now an option. The exact amount of the deposit and... Read More


Training from Heliguy Inspires Police Force

Heliguy has helped the police in Cumbria with drone training so that they can use UAVs to tackle crime and to keep people safe. Earlier this year, staff from the Constabulary’s Operational Support Unit came to Heliguy’s headquarters in Newcastle for a day’s classroom training on how to use DJI Inspire 1 quadcopters. Searches for missing people The force’s Operational Support Unit bought two of the UAVs to assess them in a wide range of roles and, after rigorous testing, they’ve been used in a number of missing person searches in the county. Over... Read More

BNUC, RPQ and the Rest

So you’ve bought yourself a nice, shiny new drone to play with and you’ve had great fun flying it around a field, filming your neighbourhood without terrorising your neighbours, and then suddenly you think: “I could make a living out of this”. Well you won’t be the first person to have done this. At the last count (April 2015) there were 597 commercial Small Unmanned Aircraft operators in the UK and, although that may seem a lot, there’s plenty of room for more. The number of uses that drones are being put to... Read More

CAA Ground School – What to Expect

If you live in the UK and are looking to operate a Multicopter commercially you do need permissions to fly, The CAA, (Civil Aviation Authority) is the organisation that manages the rules. They govern the airways for all aircraft types to ensure we can all operate together safely. They also have preference on what terminology we use to describe our aircraft and systems – ‘drone’, Remote Piloted Aerial System (RPAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) being the most commonly known. You can read up on this here.... Read More