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Hands-on with the Freefly Movi

In December of 2017, Freefly announced their first product for the consumer market; the Freefly Movi. Dubbed the cinema robot, Movi is a culmination of Freefly’s experience and knowledge of the professional film industry, boiled down into an expertly crafted handheld gimbal for smartphones. After clearing our pre-orders, we’ve finally had a chance to get our hands one. We then put its features to the test, going from setup and general use, through to testing the fantastic pre-programmed shooting modes. We’ll be showing you how to use this gimbal and... Read More


Introducing the Freefly Movi

Freefly Systems have just announced a new consumer product, the Movi. The Movi is a ‘cinema robot for mobile phones’ that allows you to create professional level stabilised video using a mobile device. It’s an extremely portable, easy to use and intelligent product that gives anyone the ability to create top quality videos. Its incredible stabilisation technology is made for action; use when running, climbing riding a bike and much more. Find out more about the Freefly Movi below. What You Need to Know The Movi is packed full of... Read More


Introducing the Freefly Pilot

The Freefly Pilot is the latest product released by Freefly, designed to reduce the barriers of filmmakers and offer even greater control of numerous cameras and the MōVI series. Freefly has dubbed the Pilot “like a mimic on steroids”. Keep reading to find out more on the groundbreaking feature Pilot has to offer. What you need to know Pilot is a new device that provides full control over Focus, Iris & Zoom (FIZ), gimbal pointing and camera functionality Pilot was designed for complete integration with the MōVI, allowing comprehensive control... Read More


The Ultimate Freefly MoVI Comparison Guide

  In the professional gimbal market, there are few companies that can rival the output of Freefly. Cornering the filmmaking sector, it’s not uncommon to see one or more of their products make their way onto big budget TV and movie sets. Their central line of gimbals is the MoVI series which offers versatility and quality through a number of distinct models. Some are primarily handheld whilst others are able to reap the benefits of an aerial view via compatibility with Freefly’s ALTA drone range meaning that whatever your needs as a... Read More

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NEWS: DJI & Freefly NAB 2017 Final Day Roundup

As NAB 2017 draws to a close, Heliguy Insider is here to round up the products that might have slipped under your radar – we’ve reported on the Ronin 2, DJI Goggles, Cendence RC, CrystalSky Monitors and Tracktenna from DJI but both they, and fellow UAV market leaders Freefly proved that they’re still able to surprise us. Read on to find out what you might have missed and why you should be paying attention to what these two companies are up to. This is especially true of DJI who have... Read More


An Insider Look At The Freefly MoVI XL

Heliguy has been digging up all the information we can on the Freefly MoVI XL before it’s May release and has put together this article to share what we know so far. A much larger gimbal than the MoVI PRO, the XL is designed to be used for either crane or vehicle shots and is able to withstand rough usage and harsh acceleration. Freefly have stated that it’s, in theory, possible to mount the XL to an aircraft – they haven’t yet made one themselves that’s capable of lifting it. The... Read More


Freefly Unveils the MōVI Pro

Freefly Systems have launched the latest in their highly popular MōVI stabilised gimbal series. The MōVI Pro has been touted by its creator as ‘the most advanced camera movement system ever created’. Offering high-quality performance, ease of use and much more flexibility. Freefly’s new gimbal is a smaller, more lightweight MōVI, allowing users to create professional-level visual content quickly and easily. … ORDER THE HANDHELD BUNDLE ORDER THE AERIAL BUNDLE Introducing The MōVI Pro Pioneers of the handheld stabiliser market (with the MōVI M10 debuting in 2013), Freefly have maintained their edge... Read More

Freefly ALTA has Landed

The long awaited Freefly ALTA has arrived at Heliguy HQ. It’s a high spec hexacopter for professional camera flyers and can carry Freefly’s MoVi gimbals. What sets then ALTA apart from other pro rigs is the fact that it can carry a camera and gimbal on top as well as below. That opens up all sorts of new shooting opportunities. An elegant, high class piece of engineering The ALTA isn’t just a high class piece of engineering, it’s an elegant, high class piece of engineering. It’s curved arms wrap neatly... Read More

Freefly ALTA Will Soon Be Here

The wait is nearly over. Early next month Heliguy is due to start selling the Freefly ALTA – the exciting new professional hexacopter designed with cinematography in mind. The ALTA works hand in hand with Freefly’s famous range of camera gimbals – the M5, M10 and M15. It’s a marriage made in heaven. And what take the ALTA to a whole new level is its ability to carry a gimbal on top as well as underneath. The ALTA has the ideal combination of lightness, strength and power. Despite its slender, elegant... Read More

Freefly Alta Pro filming drone arriving in August

The hotly anticipated professional hexacopter, the Freefly ALTA, is due to be released in August. The aircraft, with a price of £6,964, is designed to carry Freefly’s handheld camera stabilisers, the Movi 5, 10 and 15, but its party trick is that the gimbal can be mounted on top of the rig as well as underneath. This opens up an amazing new set of filming possibilities for the creative professional. Aerial movie makers will be able to fly professional cameras including RED Dragon, Sony F55, and ALEXA Mini. Its maximum payload is... Read More