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Heliguy Customer Services Recognised with Award Nomination 12/11/2018

Heliguy shortlisted for prestigious prize at North Tyneside Business Awards 2018

Heliguy is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted for a prestigious prize at the North Tyneside Business Awards 2018. The North Shields-based drone expert is in the running to win the Retail and Service Provider Award. The ceremony will take place at the revamped Spanish City, at Whitley Bay, on Thursday, November 15. Scott Henderson, Operations Manager at Heliguy, said that the company was honoured to be named as a finalist. “We are proud and humbled to be nominated for the Retail and Service Provider Award at the... Read More

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Heliguy and DJI Aerial Photography Workshop Review

On Friday the 27th of May, Heliguy, in partnership with DJI, put on an aerial photography and videography event for new and experienced drone pilots. The event took place at the stunning Elvetham Hotel just outside Farnborough, one of Heliguy’s PfCO training locations. Scott from Heliguy, as well as two guest speakers, gave some amazing insights into DJI drones and how they can be used for aerial photography and videography. This included seeing examples of their amazing work and the discussion of the different tools and techniques used to capture... Read More


A Week in the Life of Heliguy’s Technical Team

In our latest post on the teams in Heliguy, we have been looking at the Heliguy Technical Team and their role within Heliguy and the wider drone industry. We spoke to Ross, the newest member of the team, who has been with Heliguy since the start of August in 2017. Heliguy’s Technical Team are a DJI approved repair centre who offer custom builds for a variety of different industries. The team are trained by DJI in the repairs of consumer and enterprise drones. They also have a huge range of... Read More

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A Week in the Life of Heliguy’s Training Team

It’s fair to say, a week as one of the Heliguy Training Team can be pretty varied. One day, you might be teaching a PfCO course at one of our three venues somewhere in the UK, the next, you could be in a field demonstrating the capabilities of the Zenmuse Z30 camera attached to a DJI Matrice 210 to a group of police officers from a couple of constabularies. From the outside, it seems like an exciting role but what’s it really like? We spoke to our Training Team’s Ben... Read More

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Heliguy Drone Servicing

Heliguy recently introduced the Heliguy Drone Service to help keep your drone up in the air for longer. Services are available for selected drones across the DJI product range. Like a car service, the Drone Service evaluates the health of your equipment for increased safety during use. Servicing your drone annually, or every six months for heavy users, can increase its lifespan by avoiding common issues that may result in a drone crash or costly damage. The Heliguy Drone Service is beneficial for both hobbyist and commercial drone pilots to... Read More

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Benefits of Drone Rental

Heliguy have released their new drone rental service to give customers with their permissions to fly drones commercially, the opportunity to rent drones and equipment for their work. Heliguy’s drones can be rented by anyone who holds a PfCO. Our customers range from photographers and videographers who need a different type of equipment to get specific images and videos for their clients, to industrial workers who only need a drone for a short period of time, to public sectors who don’t want the expense of outright buying a drone. With... Read More


Introducing the DJI XT Pro App

  DJI has released the new DJI XT Pro iOS app, giving Zenmuse XT users, a much quicker and more simple way to capture thermal imagery. The app has been given a new, simplified design, with a focus on thermal settings, allowing users to quickly obtain their thermal data. DJI and FLIR launched the Zenmuse XT thermal camera in December 2015, a product that quickly became the staple aerial thermal imaging camera for firefighters, farmers, inspectors and more. The launch of the DJI XT Pro app aims to help users... Read More


Introducing The SLANTRANGE 3P NDVI Camera

  Heliguy is now able to offer professional surveyors the SLANTRANGE 3p NDVI solution for agriculture. Read on to find out how this impressive sensor array can fit into your surveying workflow and also how it integrates with DJI’s product ecosystem. First off, let’s look at the specifications.   Spectral Channels (Vegetation Sensor) 4 Channels Spectral Channels (Ambient Illumination Sensor) 4 Channels Processor Type Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Processor Speed Quad-Core 2.26GHz On-Board RAM 2.0 GB Detector Type Si CMOS Available Spectral Range 410 – 950 nm Band Positions Selectable Shutter Type... Read More


Tech Training With DJI – A Heliguy Insider Look

We recently sent a member of our technical team, Jack Bishop, to Rotterdam to receive technical training from DJI. Keeping our technicians up to date with the latest DJI products and peripherals is a priority for us here at Heliguy as it benefits our customers, our staff and gains us access to the proprietary components that are required to fully service DJI’s drones. After an intense weeklong course which covered the repair of three highly popular aircraft: the Inspire 2, the Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic Pro – he... Read More

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Heliguy Crash Cover VERSUS DJI Care & Refresh

Whatever you use your drone for there is always one constant, a need for effective cover against damage or software issues. Accidents will happen and technology can never be 100% issue free so it’s a load off your mind to know your equipment is guaranteed by a company who knows it inside and out. Unsurprisingly, DJI offers their own version of coverage (two as it happens) in the form of DJI Care and DJI Care Refresh. These are solid coverage choices but you need to be careful to read the... Read More