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Drones vital to superfast broadband rollout

Drones are playing a vital role in the delivery of much-needed superfast broadband to some of England’s most remote areas, as well as helping farmers fight back against rural crime. Northumberland-based technology and communications company Alncom is harnessing the power of UAVs for its ground-breaking work in connecting isolated communities to the internet and providing farms with survelliance cameras.    The Alnwick firm uses drones to carry out wireless broadband and CCTV surveys – an approach which is dramatically reducing the time of each job and yielding more reliable results and... Read More

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Drones a game-changer, say police

Saving the life of a missing teenage girl, unexpectedly uncovering £200,000-worth of stolen electrical cable and a stash of carefully-concealed weapons at a traveller site and finding a major cannabis farm – police forces across the UK are successfully using drone technology to fight crime and rescue people in need. The real-life stories of how UAVs are helping to keep communities safe were told during a recent Emergency Services Roadshow, staged by Heliguy, in conjunction with DJI, at Lincoln’s Waddington Training Site. The drone was just brilliant. I have absolutely... Read More

Mountain Rescue team making the most of drones 20/11/2018
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Drones are ‘invaluable tool’ for Scotland’s busiest mountain-rescue team

Picture the scene. Freezing temperatures, a thick blanket of snow, tricky terrain and a vast area of open space to cover. It’s a daunting prospect for the volunteers of Lochaber Mountain Rescue, but it is a scenario which they face on an all-too-frequent basis. Often, the team’s missions are high-pressure call-outs, with time of the essence and every minute crucial to finding a missing or injured person in the unforgiving environment of Scotland’s Ben Nevis, which peaks at 4,411ft. Over the years, the dedicated and brave volunteers have used a... Read More

Using the DJI Zenmuse X7 for a Professional Shoot in Desert Conditions 09/11/2018
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DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse X7 camera were a dream team for National Geographic Jordan documentary

Experienced drone pilot Oliver Sugars has just returned from a trip of a lifetime, capturing scenes for a National Geographic documentary in Jordan. Oliver turned to Heliguy – his self-described ‘go-to UAV suppliers for a number of years’ – to sufficiently equip him with the tools needed for his two-week Middle Eastern adventure, where he got to shoot breathtaking footage of the world-renowned Petra and the protected wilderness of Wadi Rum. Needing something reliable and high-quality – especially in the unforgiving environment of the desert – Oliver, of Leading Edge... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Miro Forestry Company

In our latest Heliguy Insider interview, we had the opportunity to speak to Heliguy customers, Miro Forestry Company, on their unique drone use in the global forestry industry. Miro is a sustainable forestry and timber company with plantations in Ghana and Sierra Leone, West Africa. Their aim is to create sustainable forestry whilst maintaining the highest levels of conservation and environmental protection. In our interview, we discussed how they are utilising drones to enhance their work in comparison to the traditional method of data collection and the current and future... Read More

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3D Mapping with Drones – LiDAR Case Study

Heliguy Insider recently got the opportunity to speak to Maria-Valasia Peppa, a Research Associate in Geomatics from Newcastle University’s School of Engineering and Ivona Hubova, a Systems Engineer from 3D Laser Mapping. Our interviews followed a Heliguy enterprise handover for a DJI Matrice 600 Pro and LiDAR system supplied by 3D Laser Mapping, purchased by Newcastle University. We had the opportunity to discuss LiDAR systems and their integration with drones along with the applications the technology could benefit. Keep reading to find out more on LiDAR technology and for a... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Crowded Space Drones

Drones are being used as a tool in increasingly unique industries every day. One of these exciting new industries is related to public safety, crowd and event management. We recently had the opportunity to visit Heliguy customers from this industry, Crowded Space Drones. Our visit took place while they were on a job using a DJI Matrice 210 and Zenmuse Z30 to monitor the crowd at the Champions League semi-final between Liverpool vs Roma. We had a chance to see them in action and speak with the company director, Andrew McQuillan,... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Archaeologist – David Connolly

Heliguy Insider have been talking to David Connolly, an Archaeologist and long-time Heliguy customer. He uses drones in a unique way, as a tool to support his work as an archaeologist, and has created a niche business by incorporating drones. David recently located a lost World War II bunker, on the East Lothian coast whilst undertaking an aerial survey with his drone. We spoke to David about how he located the bunker as well as his use of drones in his capacity as an archaeologist. Keep reading to find out... Read More

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A Week in the Life of Heliguy’s Technical Team

In our latest post on the teams in Heliguy, we have been looking at the Heliguy Technical Team and their role within Heliguy and the wider drone industry. We spoke to Ross, the newest member of the team, who has been with Heliguy since the start of August in 2017. Heliguy’s Technical Team are a DJI approved repair centre who offer custom builds for a variety of different industries. The team are trained by DJI in the repairs of consumer and enterprise drones. They also have a huge range of... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Raptor Aerial Imaging

Heliguy recently lent their valued customer, Tom Nash from Raptor Aerial Imaging, a DJI Matrice 210, Zenmuse XT thermal sensor and Zenmuse Z30 zoom camera. Tom used the equipment to test out its real-world application as part of a several simulated mountain search and rescue scenarios and provided Heliguy with his feedback. Tom presented Heliguy with his findings and sat down for an interview to discuss his opinions on using drones to assist with search and rescue missions. Keep reading to find out whether drones, thermal cameras and zoom cameras... Read More