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Heliguy Interviews Drone Safe Register

Drone services have become an integral part of a number of industries (filmmaking, inspection etc.), with unmanned aircraft having successfully made the transition from hobbyist pastime to a commercial asset. While this is certainly exciting for those working within the ecosystem and those dreaming up innovative ways to use drones, it’s important to bear in mind that there are guidelines that must be followed in the interest of safety and legality. For instance, if you’re looking to operate a drone for profit in the UK, you must receive operational permissions... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Cumbria Police

As a CAA approved drone training provider, Heliguy is always running courses in a range of UK locations helping aspiring pilots to gain their PfAW (Permissions for Aerial Work). However, we also offer bespoke, tailored training courses to emergency services departments and large industrial clients. Learn more about the ‘workhorse’ of DJI’s range the Inspire 1 We value our close ties to police and fire departments across the UK and have recently completed a course with officers from Cumbria Constabulary. This involved running them through a tailor-made training regimen to... Read More

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Heliguy Interviews Philip Bloom

As a CAA-approved provider of drone training, Heliguy run frequent courses across the UK in Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough. The latter, our southern-most course, takes place at the beautiful Elvetham Hotel and on our last visit (from 21st – 24th June) we had a very special guest along to train for their PfAW. Filmmaker, Philip Bloom, joined us for our 3.5-day ground school course, learning the ins and outs of drone law and safety procedures before sitting our theory exam. With cinematography credits spanning from Lucasfilm to the BBC and... Read More


INTERVIEW: How UK Firefighters are Using Drones to Save Lives and Property

Emergency services around the United Kingdom are realising how useful drones can be. Many are trialling UAVs and they’re finding that they make operations safer, faster and cheaper. One of the first fire and rescue services to embrace drone technology has been Mid and West Wales (MWWFRS). It covers 4,500 square miles, that’s nearly two thirds of Wales, and employs more than 1,400 people. It’s responsible for the urban areas of Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot as well as wild and isolated countryside. In mid November 2015 they bought a DJI Inspire 1 from Heliguy and trained pilots thanks... Read More

Thames Water logo 20/01/2016

INTERVIEW: Thames Water on Drones, Health & Safety, and Their £4bn Tunnel

This blog is the first in an occasional series of interviews featuring people who are using drones in a wide range of industries to save time and money and improve safety and productivity. John Lorimer is a security specialist with Thames Water. Jon’s personal drone gave him the idea to use UAVs in his industry. What was the Eureka moment for you when you suddenly decided that drones could be used by Thames Water? We hired a helicopter to take aerial shots of our estate and assets at a significant cost... Read More