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DJI Mavic Air in Depth Series – Part 3 – Camera

In the third part of our in-depth series on the Mavic Air, we will be looking at the camera of the new aircraft and its surrounding features. We will give you a detailed insight into the camera on the aircraft, its impressive features and the Intelligent Flight Modes DJI have incorporated to improve both the user experience and end results. You’ll also get chance to see some of Heliguy’s example pictures and videos to judge for yourself. Keep reading to see the camera in action and find out more about... Read More

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DJI Mavic Air in Depth Series – Part 2 – Aircraft Safety

Continuing our in-depth look at the Mavic Air, we will be looking at the built-in safety features to help keep the Mavic Air safe during flight. The Mavic Air is packed with safety features, helping those new to flying as well as experienced pilots, avoid incidents. Flight safety features are present through FlightAutonomy 2.0, multiple redundancies of the key components of the drone and an advanced Return to Home (RTH) functionality. The features are the most advanced available on a consumer drone of this kind. Keep reading to find out... Read More

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DJI Mavic Air in Depth Series – Part 1 – Intelligent Flight Battery

At the end of January 2018, DJI released their revolutionary new quadcopter; the Mavic Air. Falling between the Spark and the Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air is a remarkable aircraft due to its size, power and all-round capability. It’s an extraordinary aircraft for the consumer market, that can be taken anywhere. Like our previous series of in-depth articles on the Inspire 2, Heliguy Insider will be taking a comprehensive look at the Mavic Air’s key features, giving customers a greater insight into this new drone. We will be starting by... Read More

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Drone Emergency Procedures

Knowing what to do in the event of an incident when flying your drone is paramount for all drone pilots. Having the correct emergency procedures in place can help you save a drone that’s undergoing a flyaway, prevent injury of a member of the public that enters your flying site and ensure an incident is properly reported, should they occur. Heliguy Insider will be looking into emergency procedures for commercial pilots, however, this information should also be known by hobbyists to increase drone safety. Emergency procedures should be documented in the... Read More

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Heliguy Drone Servicing

Heliguy recently introduced the Heliguy Drone Service to help keep your drone up in the air for longer. Services are available for selected drones across the DJI product range. Like a car service, the Drone Service evaluates the health of your equipment for increased safety during use. Servicing your drone annually, or every six months for heavy users, can increase its lifespan by avoiding common issues that may result in a drone crash or costly damage. The Heliguy Drone Service is beneficial for both hobbyist and commercial drone pilots to... Read More

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DJI ND Filter Vs PolarPro Filters

Neutral Density or ND filters are used across all aspects of photography but are particularly useful with aerial and drone photography. The purpose of an ND filter is to reduce the light going into the camera’s sensor. This has led to them being dubbed ‘sunglasses for your camera’. ND filters can be hugely beneficial but choosing and using a filter is not as simple as they initially seem. There are lots of filters available for your drone, all of which can produce different results. Keep reading to find out which... Read More


What to Do When You Get a new Drone for Christmas

With the huge increase in the popularity of drones and the release more affordable aircraft like the DJI Spark; we’re expecting drones to see a lot of new UAV pilots this Christmas. It’s fair to say, drones are great. They’re fun to fly. They give a unique creative outlet. And you can even use them to make money. But for pilots who’re new to flying drones, there are a few things you need to be aware of, before you take your new aircraft for its first flight, to ensure you’re... Read More


Risks of Cheap DJI Drones from Grey Market Retailers

With the huge expansion of the technology industry as a consumer market, ways to find cheaper versions of branded products was almost inevitable. It’s been ingrained in us to find the best deals on the products we buy and avoid wasting our money. With sales happening all the time, consumers are being more and more conscious about deals and getting the best price. Step in; the Grey Market. Officially produced goods by or on the order of the company you know and trust, but with a permanently low price tag.... Read More

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A Guide to Operation Manuals

Heliguy are a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) who provide commercial drone operating in three locations across the UK; Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough. Commercial drone operators must obtain permissions from the CAA in order to make any profit from their drone. Not sure whether you need permissions? Head to our guide to find out here. In this post, we’ll be walking you through the Operations Manual, but first, let’s take a look at the other stages required to obtain your permissions with Heliguy. Heliguy Training Heliguy’s... Read More


DJI Intelligent Flight Modes

Both DJI’s commercial and professional drones are packed full of unique Intelligent Flight Modes. These modes help pilots control their aircraft, capture amazing video and images and help keep pilots and their aircraft safe. But which of the modes is available on your aircraft and what do they actually do? Heliguy Insider breakdown the available modes and how you can use them. We have focussed on the Spark, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Series including the Pro and Advanced models, as well as the Inspire 2. Keep reading for how the... Read More