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How To Put DJI Inspire 1 into Travel Mode

When you first unpack your new DJI Inspire 1, the quadcopter will be in travel mode. Once you have unpacked it, fitted the battery, and powered up both the RC transmitter and the Inspire 1, toggle the gear switch 4 times to put the Inspire 1 into flight mode. It is now safe to install the 3-axis gimbal. Travel Mode via DJI Pilot App When you come to pack the Inspire 1 away, before turning everything off, carry out these easy steps to return to travel mode.     1.... Read More


How To Adjust DJI H3-3D Gimbal

Having problems with your DJI H3-3D gimbal? Here are a few issues you may come across and how to fix them, as found and fixed by our DJI Approved inhouse Repair Team. H3-3D Gimbal constantly retuning to a 45 degree angle after releasing the gimbal control wheel. This one is a pretty easy fix but requires the latest version of the DJI Phantom Assistant Software: Just navigate to the update page and install the latest H3-3D IMU update and follow the on screen instructions. Another cause of this problem... Read More

FPV System Foolproof Guide with Trouble Shooting

In this FPV demonstration we are using a DJI Phantom 2 with DJI Zenmuse H3-3D but the same guide apples to all Heliguy builds such at the S1000+ and S900 with the Boscam Thunderbolt transmitter. * When buying your FPV package with Heliguy, this comes already set. * First you need to install your RX and TX antennas to your video transmitter and FPV monitor. Screw on the orange TX antenna to the Boscam video transmitter and set it to Band E and Channel 1 so the red LED display shows E1 .... Read More


DJI Phantom 2 Crash Repair Service

Heliguy are the only UK retailers to have a DJI approved repair centre. We also carry out warranty work on items bought from Heliguy. We have 3 technicians who can carry out crash repairs on your DJI Phantom 2 and DJI Phantom 2 Vision +. Jack is our DJI Phantom 2 crash repair specialist, and most of the repairs will be undertaken by Jack. Scott and Matt generally focus on building of larger DJI rigs, such as the S900 and S1000. The best way to get your DJI Phantom 2... Read More


DJI Dropsafe Fitting Service

DJI Dropsafe has been released and this really does look like a good product for the industry. This will allow all existing rigs to have a managed response to the risk of failure, by deploying a parachute to bring the vehicle safely to ground. The big question that needs answered first is how does it interface and work – this is critical to whether or not it should be added to your Drone / Multirotor. What are the big issues with regard to this? 1. DJI have said it only works with A2... Read More


DJI Phantom Battery Update – Two LED Lights Flashing

We at Heliguy have noticed quite a few calls over the past few days about batteries with the middle two LED lights flashing. This is caused by a problem during the software update, if the phantom looses connection via USB or power during the update you may encounter this issue. Fortunately the solution for this issue is very simple and only requires the latest version of the Phantom 2 Vision Assistant 3.6. Simply plug the phantom back into your PC or Mac (Note: PC will require the download of Win... Read More


DJI Phantom 2 FPV Flight Tips for Novices

Need FPV flight tips? Are you a DJI Phantom 2 PFV owner? At Heliguy, we hate crashes as much as you do. Our UK DJI repair centre deals with crashes and warranty problems on a daily basis. If we can help with this, the below guide with tips and tricks is the very start. 1. Do not panic, this is the number one reason for Phantom 2 crashes. 2. Download the latest software and drivers from, install, connect the Phantom 2 and auto update. 3. Calibrate the compass and... Read More


Compass Calibration: DJI Phantom 2 / Vision +

Here at Heliguy, we have many customers confused about the compass calibration procedure on DJI Phantom quadcopters.  We hope the following information helps you up in the air faster. IMPORTANT: You must perform the Compass Calibration procedures prior to the first flight. The DJI compass is very sensitive to electromagnetic interference which causes abnormal compass data and leads to poor flight performance or even flight failure. Regular calibration of the compass enables the compass to perform at its optimal level. (1)DO NOT calibrate your compass where there is a possibility for the... Read More


DJI NEW Gimbal Control Will NOT Work Out of the box

Something you might not be aware of: DJI Phantom 2 new gimbal control will not won’t work straight out of the box , it requires a software update. This is not something that you are usually warned about when most retailers hand over the product to you. The new DJI Phantom 2 and DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ has many useful features, most notably the new gimbal control which allows for smoother movement and control over the speed of the gimbal’s movement. However, this brilliant feature will not work straight out of the box... Read More

Maximise The Life Of LiPo Batteries

Purchase a digital battery capacity checker for less than £20.00. This is an essential tool for checking your battery packs and allow you to maximise the life of LiPo batteries. Avoid using more then 80% of the cells capacity. If you consistently use less then 80% you will increase the life of your battery cells. If you draw the absolute maximum current from your cells and fly until your ESC cuts power to your motors, or your flight controller auto lands, and you charge your cells to 4.20V per cell at... Read More