Mounting the Propeller Guards – DJI Mavic Air

In this post, we will give you a step by step guide on how to mount the DJI Mavic Air propeller guards. For this make sure you have your DJI Mavic Air unfolded and you have the 4 propeller guards ready.

1. Open the clamps on the propeller guards

2. Match the propellers together LF and LR  go together and RF with RR. Ensure they are attached together firmly.

3. Ensure that the LF/RF propeller goes onto the front of the drone as it has a cut out to fit around the landing leg. Ensure they are on the right way round.

4. Close the clamps on the prop guards

5. Ensure the prop guards are connected to the drone firmly and that the connections are not loose. Before moving the drone about Heliguy recommends hovering for 10 seconds to ensure everything is ok.

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