Phantom 4 RTK

SUEZ using DJI drones for waste management. 13/10/2020

SUEZ Using DJI Drones For Waste Management

World-renowned utility firm SUEZ is using drones on its UK landfill sites; HELIGUY.com™ is helping SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK grow its drone programme, and has supplied a Phantom 4 RTK surveying aircraft; SUEZ says drones replace ‘time-consuming and costly surveying methods’; Read the blog to see P4 RTK data set, collected by SUEZ; Drones collect data for landfill cell management and monitoring and help to streamline project management. Global utility giant SUEZ is deploying drones across its UK waste management sites to replace ‘time-consuming and costly surveying methods’. Drone... Read More


Heliguy Hires GIS And Drone Mapping Expert

GIS expert Ben Sangster joins Heliguy’s enterprise drone team; He will offer specialist advice on drone mapping, photogrammetry, surveying and LiDAR; Ben will help clients choose the best drones for their missions, guide them through software packages and help them analyse data; Major Heliguy clients such as Balfour Beatty and Terra Drone Europe are already using drones for mapping and surveying. Heliguy has bolstered its enterprise team by employing a GIS expert to help surveyors maximise their drone programmes, utilise collected data and increase return on investment. Ben Sangster has... Read More


Heliguy and Terra Drone Europe reveal accuracy of the DJI Phantom 4 RTK

“The DJI Phantom 4 RTK is a good survey tool that can yield high accuracy.” This is the verdict of Terra Drone Europe (formerly Skeye), after testing the performance of the next-gen mapping drone. The leading industrial inspection company has been using the DJI Phantom 4 RTK at a number of its sites across the world and has produced an accuracy report exclusively for Heliguy.  Terra Drone Europe’s key findings reveal: In most cases, the accuracies that can be achieved without any ground control points (GCPs) are less than 3-4cm.... Read More


Balfour Beatty benefiting from drones on M6 Smart Motorway development

Balfour Beatty is reaping the rewards of using drones on major construction projects, including work on a multi-million-pound Smart Motorway upgrade in The Midlands – with support from UAV specialist Heliguy.  The international infrastructure group is utilising UAVs, including the recently-released DJI Phantom 4 RTK, to enhance safety, increase efficiency, gather data faster, improve asset productivity and gain high-accuracy results. The company has turned to drone expert Heliguy as its preferred supplier, with the award-winning North East England UAV firm providing a comprehensive package of equipment and support. Balfour Beatty’s... Read More


Is RTK the future of drone mapping?

“With the availability of RTK systems, I think we might see the whole process of laying ground-control points for mapping actually being skipped in the future.” This is the prediction by industry expert William Pryor, enterprise solutions manager for Skycatch, who set out his vision during a recent webinar about capturing precision data with drones. In his opinion, RTK – or real-time kinematic to give its name in full – is very much the future when it comes to UAV mapping. He believes that, thanks to RTK’s advantages – such as... Read More