How to install the ND Filter / Wide-Aon DJI Mini 4 Pro

The ND filter allows your DJI Mini drone to adapt to all lighting conditions, by  meeting the needs of scenarios when shooting long exposure or in harsh lighting, i.e., long exposure timelapse.

The Wide-Angle lens allows you to get more of the scene. Expanding your field of view from 81.5° to 114° when taking photos and from 75° to 100° when recording videos.

How to install

  1. Hold the gimbal camera with one hand and hold the upper and lower sides of the camera lens hood with your other hand. 

    Holding the gimbal camera
  2. Gently rotate the hood counter clockwise until you hear a click. 

    Gently rotating the hood
  3. Remove the hood. 

    Removing the hood
  4. When installing make sure to align the positioning notches inside the ND filter or wide-angle lens. 

    Aligning the positioning notches
  5. Inside the ND filter or wide-angle lens with the guiding pins on the camera. 

    Guiding pins on camera
  6. Rotate the ND filter or wide-angle lens clockwise until you hear a click, and then it will be successfully installed. 

    Rotating the ND filter or wide-angle lens clockwise


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