How to use FocusTrack Sensors on DJI Mini 4 Pro

FocusTrack sensors help you shoot high quality content in a variety of modes.

Included are:

  • Spotlight
    Enables the gimbal camera to face toward the subject all the time while you manually control the flight.

  • ActiveTrack
    Follows a moving subject at a pre-set distance and altitude.

  • Point of Interest (POI)
    Allows the aircraft to fly around the subject based on the set radius and flight speed.

Before enabling FocusTrack make sure the flying environment is open and unobstructed with sufficient light.

  1. Drag-select the subject in the camera view. 


  2. Or enable Subject Scanning in Control settings. 

    Subject Scanning in settings

  3. Tap the green icon in the camera view to lock the subject and below the FocusTrack options will be displayed. 

    FocusTrack options


Spotlight is the default mode once entering FocusTrack.

  1. Press the Shutter/Record button on the remote controller or your screen to start shooting photos or recording video.

    Shutter/Record button

  2. In Spotlight the aircraft does not fly automatically but the camera remains locked on the subject while you manually control the flight.

    You can use the throttle stick to change the aircraft altitude, the pitch stick to alter the distance from the subject, the roll stick to make the aircraft circle the subject, and the yaw stick or the gimbal dial to adjust subject position in the shooting frame.

    Throttle stick


ActiveTrack offers two tracking options: Trace and Parallel.

In Trace sub-mode the aircraft tracks the subject from a certain angle relative to the subject’s moving direction.

In the Parallel sub-mode the aircraft follows the subject from a fixed angle relative to the relative to the subject.

To use either:

  1. Enter the Control settings in the app and select FocusTrack.

    Control settings

  2. Select Person as the subject and configure the related parameters.

    FocusTrack settings

  3.  Go back to camera view, drag-select the subject or tap the green icon to lock the subject.


  4. The aircraft will enter Spotlight mode by default. Tap ActiveTrack and select Go. 

    Trace and Go

  5. The aircraft will start tracking the subject automatically. Press the Shutter/Record button on the remote controller or the screen to start shooting photos or recording video. 

    Aircraft tracking subject

  6. A trace wheel with two circles is displayed on the bottom left corner. Tapping any dot on either circle can change the tracking direction.

    Alternatively dragging the end position icon over the trace wheel can also create a flight route. The aircraft will follow the route to fly to the end position.

    Trace wheel


  • If the tracking subject is a vehicle such as a car or a boat, the trace wheel has only one circle.
  • During auto tracking you can also use the control sticks to manually control the aircraft.
  • ActiveTrack only supports three types of moving subjects, people, vehicles and boats.


  1. Select the tracking subject then tap POI.

    Selecting POI

  2. Set the flight direction and speed then tap GO. The aircraft will automatically calculate the radius and start circling around the subject at the current altitude. 

    Selecting speed

How to exit FocusTrack

In POI or ActiveTrack, press the Flight Pause button on the remote controller or tap Stop on the screen to return to spotlight first. 

Exiting ActiveTrack


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