How to use Hyperlapse on DJI Mini 4 Pro

Hyperlapse takes a certain number of photos according in a timed interval and then compiles these photos into a video of a few seconds.  

This is especially suitable for shooting scenes with moving elements such as traffic flow, clouds drifting and sunrises and sunsets. 

Hyperlapse Shooting 

  1. Fly the aircraft to an appropriate shooting spot. 

  2. Tap the shooting mode icon from the camera view and select Hyperlapse. 

    Hyperlapse icon
  3. Select a Hyperlapse mode. 

    Hyperlapse modes
  4. Whichever mode you chose, you will need to set the shooting interval time and the video length.

    Interval time and video length
  5. DJI Fly will automatically calculate the number of photos to be taken and how long the shooting process will take. 

  6. After setting the related parameters, tap the shutter/record button to begin shooting. 

    Shutter/record setting


  • When framing the shots try to avoid positioning the aircraft too close to the foreground. Otherwise, your footage may be unstable. 

Free Mode

Free mode requires to set the max flight speed. 

Max flight speed parameters

When shooting in Free Mode you can manually control aircraft movements and gimbal tilt. 

Flight parameters


  • If you have a specific subject, drag-select the subject on the screen, the camera will keep facing toward the subject while you manually control the flight. 


Circle mode allows the aircraft to automatically fly around the selected subject and will take photos to generate a hyperlapse video. 

Circle mode

  1. Select a subject and set the circle speed and circle direction. 

    Select subject and Circle parameters
  2. Once tapping the shutter/record button, the aircraft will automatically fly horizontally to calculate the distance between the aircraft and the subject. 

    Record icon


  • During flight, move the roll stick to change the circling speed, move the throttle stick to change the altitude, move the pitch stick to alter the distance from the subject. 

Course Lock 

In Course Lock mode the aircraft will fly in a pre-set direction to shoot and create a hyperlapse. 

Course Lock

  1. Tap the Lock icon to lock current heading as the flight route direction.

    Lock course
  2. Set the interval time, video length and flight speed. 

    Lock course parameters
  3. After locking the flight route direction, you can adjust the aircraft heading but the aircraft direction will stay the same. 

    Aircraft heading


  • First adjust the aircraft heading to an appropriate direction.

  • When shooting a specific subject, drag-select the subject on the screen, the aircraft will keep facing toward the subject and shooting while flying straight in the pre-set direction. 

  • If you don't select any subject, the aircraft will keep facing toward the flight route direction and shoot a stunning straight-line hyperlapse video. 

  • During flight, move the roll stick to move the flight route horizontally, move the throttle stick to change the altitude, and move the pitch stick to change the flight speed. 

  • You can move the yaw stick to change the aircraft. 


In waypoints mode  the aircraft automatically flies and records along a pre-set route. 

  1. Tap Waypoints. 

    Waypoint icon
  2. Fly the aircraft to the starting point and adjust the frame. 

    Adjusting frame
  3. Tap the plus icon on the lower part of the screen to add the first waypoint. 

    Set the waypoint
  4. The aircraft will record the current location and gimbal angle. Fly the aircraft to the subsequent shooting locations, adjust the aircraft heading and gimbal tilt. 

    Camera Rotation Angle
  5. The aircraft will generate the flight route based on the set waypoints. You can view the flight route in the map by tapping the three dots on the shooting location setting panel. 

    Camera Rotation Angle
  6. Set the shooting sequence, interval time and video length. 

    Shooting sequence, interval time and video length
  7. Once tapping the shutter/record button the aircraft will automatically fly along the generated flight route and begin shooting. 

    Record button
  8. In Waypoints mode you cannot manually control the aircraft control the aircraft by moving the control sticks.

    On the upper left corner of the panel is the hyperlapse task library.

    Hyperlapse task library
  9. You can save your current trajectory in the library, or use a previously-saved flight route.



  • When using a previously saved flight route, try to take off from the original take-off location to capture the same scenes more accurately and make sure there are no obstacles along the route. 

How to Exit Hyperlapse 

  1. During shooting tap the Stop icon on the right side of the camera view.

    Stop icon
  2. Or press the flight pause button on the remote controller. 

    Flight pause button
  3. The aircraft will exit Hyperlapse and hover. 


Shooting will also stop if:

  • The aircraft flies too close to a restricted zone.
  • The aircraft flies too close to a altitude zone.
  • The aircraft's sensing system is triggered during flight.

 Video Playback 

After shooting is finished the aircraft will automatically compose a Hyperlapse video for you. 

Video successfully created

You can preview the video by tapping the Playback button. 

Video playback


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