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The Benefits of Implementing Spraying Drones for Farmers

The integration of spraying and spreading drones is revolutionising farming operations by offering a range of solutions from crop management to applying whitewash onto glasshouses. These advanced drones significantly expedite time-consuming tasks and minimise resource wastage through precise, even distribution.

DJI Zenmuse H30 Series Vs H20 Series

This blog compares the DJI Zenmuse H30 series with the H20 series, focusing on their features and capabilities. We evaluate factors like camera features, thermal capabilities, night vision settings, photography modes, supported modules, and drone compatibility to help you decide if upgrading to the H30 series is right for you.

DJI Launches Zenmuse H30 Payload Series

DJI has launched the Zenmuse H30 series, comprising the H30 and H30T, each with an IP54 rating. Featuring five major modules and double the zoom camera capabilities of its predecessor. It caters to diverse sectors with advanced features like live streaming, thermal imaging, and AI spot checks.

Unveiling DJI's Agras T25 and T50: DJI's Latest Agricultural Drones

DJI introduces its latest agricultural drone technology, the Agras T25 and T50, poised to revolutionise global farming with their enhanced spraying efficiency, increased payload capacity, and advanced safety features.

Heliguy Partners With XGRIDS For Next-gen 3D Model Content Creation

XGRIDS is an end to end technology ecosystem, revolutionising 3D modelling. Benefit from on-the-go mapping with multi-SLAM LiDAR to create accurate and detailed recreations of real-world environments, benefiting a range of applications, including construction, public safety, real estate, and for use in the Metaverse.

Introducing the DJI Power 1000, DJI's First Portable power Station

DJI introduces the DJI Power 1000, a versatile power bank designed for fast-charging drones and common appliances. With ultra-quiet operation and dual USB-C Out ports, it's the ultimate solution for efficient charging on the go.

DJI Launches Avata 2. How Does It Compare To DJI Avata?

DJI has recently unveiled DJI Avata 2, their latest FPV drone. The Avata 2 boasts improved flight performance, longer flight time, increased payload capacity, enhanced intelligent flight modes, and advanced safety features compared to its predecessor. Take a look at our in-depth comparison as we evaluate the two.

Top Features Of DJI FlightHub 2 For Remote Drone Missions With DJI Dock 2

Find out how DJI FlightHub 2, an all-in-one cloud-based drone operations management platform, empowers remote and automated missions with DJI Dock 2. Examples show how it can be used to plan missions, conduct flights, and automatically upload data.

UK Government's Plan To Become a Drone Industry Leader by 2030

The UK Government have set out an Action Plan to position the UK as a leader in the drone industry. Key objectives include transitioning airspace segregated to integrated, launching the first eVTOL flight in 2026 and the plan is being funded by a £125 billion public investment.

DJI Dock 2: M3D vs M3TD - Which Drone Is Best For You?

DJI Dock 2 is compatible with the DJI Matrice 3D Series. This comparison post highlights the key specifications of the DJI M3D and DJI M3TD drones and demonstrates which one is best for your use case.

DJI Dock 2 Vs DJI Dock

DJI Dock 2 offers key upgrades on the original DJI Dock. This in-depth comparison takes a look at the differences between the two solutions and how these features benefit automated and remote drone operations.

DJI Unveils Dock 2 Mini Drone In A Box

DJI releases the Dock 2 drone in a box. Find out about its key features and how it can benefit remote and automated drone deployments.

Swedish Police Pioneer A Trial Drone First Responder System

The Swedish Police Authority are deploying remote-piloted drones via DJI Docks atop city buildings, enhancing emergency response without on-site pilots.

Real-time feeds to surveillance centre officers enable swift decision-making, revolutionising public safety by facilitating rapid deployment to scenes of violence or accidents.

How Different Focal Lengths Impact Drone Mapping

Heliguy™ conducted an extensive survey at a North East location to unravel the ideal lens selection for diverse surveying needs.

Delve into our exclusive findings to unveil the lens that best aligns with your survey requirements.

Woodland Trust Deploys Drones To Revolutionise Deer Surveys

The Woodland Trust is using DJI drones for deer surveys. Drones enable the Trust to collect data more accurately and efficiently and gain new insights on deer populations. The Woodland Trust is accessing the technology on-demand through the heliguy™ drone rental service.

Absolute Vs Relative Accuracy For Drone Surveying

Selecting between High Absolute Accuracy and Relative Accuracy is pivotal in drone surveying. Discover the strengths of each method to aid in determining the most suitable accuracy level for you and find out the benefits of using RTK or PPK.

How Drones are Revolutionising Forestry Management

Drones are improving the forestry sector by bolstering survey efficiency and data capture. They are achieving this by swiftly conducting detailed land assessments, reducing the necessity for extensive ground surveys on foot.

UK CAA Launches New PDRA01 Application Tool

The UK CAA is updating the PDRA01 Application Tool, scheduled to launch in April 2024. These updates, informed by invaluable feedback from the RPAS community, aim to speed up and simply the application process and establish equitable pricing.

Benefits of Sub 250g DJI Mini Series For Commercial Drone Operations

The DJI Mini Series, known for its consumer appeal, is also a valuable asset for businesses.

The sub-250g design improves efficiency in operations, and testimonials from businesses highlight benefits such as improved camera quality, ease of use in city centres, streamlined operations, and high-quality data capture.

Level 5 Drone Operations Manager Course 'Sets Foundations For Effective UAS Operations'

Drone lead for West Midlands Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team praises TQUK Level 5 Award for UAS Operations Managers, delivered by Heliguy, saying it provides accountable leaders with the knowledge and best practice principles to run an effective and safe drone programme.