DJI Crash and Repair Packages - 'Extra Care'

DJI Crash and Repair Packages - 'Extra Care'

We offer extra care packages for your DJI Phantom and Inspire 1 drones . Inspections, labour and parts can all be included in the deal.

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Buying a DJI drone is a major commitment for most people, regardless of  whether it's for business or pleasure. So having some extra peace of mind while you're getting to know your new aircraft would be nice to have, wouldn't it? Even when you've mastered the technicalities and got the hang of flying your drone, sooner or later you're going to have a potentially expensive crash or run into a snag that's baffling you. That's why Heliguy is introducing premium support packages for Phantom 3s and Inspires. As a DJI approved repair centre, we will handle anything that is covered under warranty but of course some things won't be. Our new Gold, Silver and Bronze Extra Care packages are a great option when you're investing in sophisticated DJI technology. Our packages make even more sense if you're a business when you'll need your drone back in the air and earning money as soon as possible. And of course all of these deals can be added to your finance deal so you're able to spread the cost.
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Our Gold package is ideally suited for businesses or for anyone wanting complete peace of mind. For an annual fee your aircraft is covered for up to three inspections as well as free parts and labour. Excesses do apply for more expensive items but you will never have to pay more than £450 for parts. The cost of replacing a carbon fibre arm on an Inspire 1 is £600 so it's not hard to see the benefits of having the Gold package. Without cover we would charge £50 an hour for labour. With Gold cover we also give you a priority guarantee to turn your drone round in three working days from when we receive it to when we despatch it to you for next day delivery.  We work with UAV businesses all of the time and know how important a swift and reliable turnaround is. We are also ISO9001 certified for our repair and building work and have full insurance to cover all product repairs. Even if your drone is a write off we'll replace it after you've paid the excess. You will then need to purchase a new care package for your replacement aircraft. DJI Inspire 1 The DJI Inspire 1 Standard The annual fee for Gold Extra Care is just £399 for a Phantom 3 and £799 for an Inspire 1 Standard. Our Silver Extra Care cover provides free inspection and labour for any work needed. You can send your drone to us up to three times in a year and it doesn't just have to be for a repair. You may want the peace of mind of giving your aircraft a health check. It may be that you're just not sure how to update a version of the firmware. If repairs are needed you'll only have to pay the cost of replacement parts. You can find those out here on our website or by giving us a call. The Silver Extra Care pack costs £249 for a Phantom 3 or £499 for an Inspire 1 Standard. Bronze Extra Care covers you for a maximum of three inspections in 12 months. Everything from a health check to a crash report is included and, as mentioned earlier, you may just want a software update carried out. If work is needed you will be charged for additional labour and parts. It's worth bearing in mind that if you don't have cover an inspection and bench test will be charged at the rate of £50 per hour. DJI Phantom 3 The DJI Phantom 3 Professional Heliguy's Bronze Premium Drone Service Pack only costs £69 per year for both Phantom 3s and Inspire 1 Standards An important thing to bear in mind is that all of our service packs can be added to the cost of your drone in a competitive Heliguy finance deal. If you're planning to go professional and purchase equipment for commercial work you can even add our CAA approved training course into the agreement. It's also important to remember that your craft is covered by a DJI manufacturer's warranty but not all parts have the same period of cover. Here at Heliguy, we will always consider your claims on a case by case basis. Warranties for Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced and Professional Remote control: 12 months Battery: 6 months or no more than 200 charge cycles Gimbal/Camera: 6 months Motor: 6 months Central Board: 12 months Vision Positioning System: 6 months Battery Charger: 6 months Frame & Propellers: No Warranty Warranties for Inspire 1 standard Gimbal/Camera: 12 months Battery: 6 months or no more than 200 charge cycles Whole units: 12 months or no more than 200 flight hours (except for gimbal, camera and battery) Remote Control: 12 months Propeller: No Warranty So, as you can see, the warranty doesn't cover all parts and not all of them are covered for a year. Whatever stage you're at, getting a Heliguy Extra Care Drone Service Pack is a wise move and it gives you so much more confidence, knowing that your investment is being cared for in a professional manner. For full terms and conditions please check on our website. Damaged DJI Inspire 1 A broken arm on a DJI Inspire 1 can cost £600 to repair DJI Inspire 1 damaged arm

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