How Skippy Scout Drone App Benefits Precision Agriculture

Skippy Scout is an innovative and automated crop scouting app for DJI drones. Collect data 20x faster than traditional field walking and benefit from high-resolution leaf-level imagery and AI-generated insights to make real-time decisions to increase agricultural productivity and ROI.

Heliguy partners with Drone Ag to offer crop scouting app and DJI Agras drone spraying training

heliguy™ and Drone Ag partner to offer an end-to-end workflow for deploying drones for agriculture. The partnership includes the Skippy Scout platform for fast and accurate crop scouting and the delivery of a dedicated DJI Agras drone spraying course.

Multispectral Drones: Benefits and Use Cases

In-depth guide to drone multispectral imagery. Find out how it benefits precision agriculture, land management, forestry, and environmental monitoring, and how drones, including the DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral, can increase the efficiency and accuracy of multispectral data collection.

DJI Dock: Building Your Safety Case And UK BVLOS Pathway

How to build a safety case to operate the DJI Dock drone in a box, from VLOS through to BVLOS drone deployment. heliguy™ can support each organisation's pathway, including OSC consultancy, BVLOS experience and EVLOS training modules.

DJI Release M30 And Drone In A Box

    DJI releases the DJI Matrice 30 drone and drone in a box solution. The M30 has multi-camera capabilities while the DJI Dock enables autonomous drone deployment and charging. DJI also releases FlightHub 2 –a cloud-based flight planning and fleet management solution.

How Drone In A Box Will Transform Autonomous Deployment

How the drone in a box concept will transform autonomous drone deployment. A drone deploying automatically from a docking station has major benefits for the commercial and enterprise drone industry.

Fund-raising campaign to develop crop-management drone app

A fund-raising campaign has been launched to further develop an agricultural app which automates crop scouting with just your phone and a drone.