MicaSense Launches New Drone Camera For Precision Agriculture

    Heliguy's strategic partner MicaSense has released the RedEdge-MX Dual Camera Imaging System –a synchronised 10 band solution for advanced remote sensing and agricultural research.

Drone Hire: Commercial Clients Say Why You Should Rent From Heliguy

Texo Group and NPS Group are just two companies who are benefiting from hiring drones and payloads from DJI Gold Partner Heliguy. Drone rental allows them to flexibly scale their fleet, access the latest equipment and reduce upfront costs.

DJI AirWorks 2019: Heliguy to open in the USA

    Heliguy –one of the world's leading drone suppliers –is to open in Dallas, Texas, as part of a major expansion into the USA –it has been revealed at DJI's AirWorks conference.

Heliguy Announces Partnership With SlantRange

UK drone specialist Heliguy – one of DJI’s leading European Gold Partners – has signed an exciting partnership with American giant SlantRange, a leading provider of remote sensing and analytics systems for agriculture.

Transforming Agriculture With Drones - Heliguy Teams Up With MicaSense

DJI Gold Partner Heliguy has added more world-class technology to its stock pool by partnering with leading American brand, MicaSense, to offer industry-leading drone sensors for agriculture.

Hurricane Dorian: Why Drones Are The Go-To Tool After Freak Weather Events

As Hurricane Dorian threatens the USA after devastating the Bahamas, we take a look at how DJI enterprise drones can play a crucial role in helping safety agencies mitigate the damage and after-effects of freak weather events.

How Drones Have Transformed Energy Inspection

    Increased accuracy, raw efficiency and enhanced safety –DJI drones sold by Heliguy are transforming the way that companies are conducting energy inspections.

Police Officers Deploy Drone Less Than 48 Hours After Completing Heliguy ES-DOT Course

    Two PCs from Derbyshire Constabulary's drone team were called out less than 48 hours after completing Heliguy's Emergency Services Drone Operators Training Course –filling a vital gap in operational capability.

WATCH: Police Use Drone During Climate Change Demonstration

West Midlands Police drone footage shows how Extinction Rebellion demonstration was policed and proves that a drone can give you useful situational awareness.

Drones Proved Their Worth At Whaley Bridge Dam Wall Collapse

Drones, supplied by Heliguy, played a vital role after the collapse of the dam wall at Whaley Bridge. The drones provided situational awareness and patrolled the evacuated town.

Derbyshire Police's First Female Drone Pilot Wants To Fight Crime And Inspire Others

Heliguy has helped PC Victoria Atherton become Derbyshire Police's first female drone pilot. Now she wants to inspire other women to fly drones and has deployed to the Whaley Bridge dam incident.

Film Company Using DJI Drones Supplied By Heliguy For Netflix and the BBC

    Pivotal Films uses DJI Inspire 2 and X5S and X7 cameras –supplied by Heliguy –to shoot scenes for Netflix, Warner Media and BBC, and say drones are an absolute necessity.

WATCH: DJI drone with zoom camera used for inspection work

    UK company using DJI M210 V2 drone with Z30, X4S and Z5S cameras –supplied by Heliguy –and is benefiting from better safety and efficiency and reduced costs.

Heliguy delivers £250,000 of drone stock to African mines

Heliguy has supplied a quarter of a million pounds of drone stock to major mining companies in Africa, who are using drones for faster data capture and to increase safety.

Heliguy holds first Drones for Enterprise event

Heliguy held its first Drones for Enterprise event, providing pilots with knowledge about the industry and how to turn their hobby into a commercial venture.

Heliguy helps South Yorkshire Police expand drone provision

Heliguy delivered specialist drone training (ES-DOT) to South Yorkshire Police to help it expand its UAV fleet. Officers said the course was engaging and interesting.

Six times drones have helped with disaster response

How drones have helped following major disasters, such as the California Camp Fire, Hurricane Irma, Genoa Bridge Collapse and Liverpool Echo Arena car park fire.

Drones a game-changer, say police

UK police forces are turning to drone technology to help them fight crime and save lives. Heliguy Insider gets the lowdown on how UAVs are assisting officers.

Heliguy Interviews Miro Forestry Company

Heliguy Insider have been speaking with Miro Forestry Company on their use of drones within the forestry industry. Find out how they impact their operation in our latest post.

Using Drones for Public Safety

Heliguy look at the benefits of drones in public safety focussing on the police, firefighters, disaster relief and search and rescue.