DJI Dock 2 Vs DJI Dock

DJI Dock 2 offers key upgrades on the original DJI Dock. This in-depth comparison takes a look at the differences between the two solutions and how these features benefit automated and remote drone operations.

Data Security On DJI Dock Drone In A Box Software

A guide to data security on DJI Dock software. Learn about the mechanisms in place on solutions such as DJI FlightHub 2, FlytBase, and Drone Harmony to ensure user data is safe when operating the DJI Dock.

Major Firmware Update For DJI Enterprise Drones

DJI releases Firmware 7.1: A major update for DJI Enterprise drones. Update covers drones such as Mavic 3 Enterprise Series, M300 Series, M30 Series, and DJI Dock and offers improved flight safety, enhanced data-capture capabilities, and better collaboration tools.

'Don't Wait For BVLOS Drone Regulations. Adopt The DJI Dock Now'

Drone programmes should adopt the DJI Dock now, instead of waiting for BVLOS laws to catch up, says the CEO and Founder of drone autonomy software platform FlytBase. He says this will provide the time needed to integrate the Dock into workflows and start collecting data to build a safety case for more complex operations.

DJI Dock Installation: In-depth Guide

In-depth guide to DJI Dock installation. heliguy™ shares tips and advice after installing the DJI Dock drone in a box at Komatsu UK Smart Construction. Find out how heliguy™, with in-house DJI-accredited Dock technicians, can help your organisation install the DJI Dock.

Heliguy Stages UK's First DJI Dock Demonstration

heliguy™ has staged the UK's first official demonstration of the DJI Dock. Key takeaways include: The DJI Dock has industry-leading capabilities; drone in a box software has robust flight safety and data security; the Dock can benefit a range of industries; and organisations should adopt the drone in a box early to integrate it into their workflows.

Heliguy completes DJI Dock maintenance training

heliguy™ engineers have undertaken specialist technical training for the DJI Dock to facilitate full drone in a box servicing and maintenance. The in-depth course involved a theoretical assessment and full assembly and disassembly of the Dock.

Automated Drone Deployment With FlytNow And DJI Dock

FlytNow is a cloud-based software which integrates seamlessly with the DJI Dock. Find out about its key features and functionality, and how FlytNow can empower remote and automated drone-in-a-box operations.

Determining ROI Of DJI Dock For Utilities Inspections

DJI Dock can revolutionise the utility sector. Find out how this drone in a box increases efficiency and ROI for solar panel inspections, and how teams are conducting automated and remote power grid operations to replace manual inspections for improved safety.

How Weatherproof Is The DJI Dock?

The DJI Dock is a weatherproof drone in a box. Find out how this rugged solution enables drone operations in the most difficult conditions and watch a video showing the Dock being put through a series of vigorous weather tests.

UK CAA Publishes Roadmap For BVLOS Drone Operations

UK CAA publishes roadmap to transition BVLOS drone operations from segregated to non-segregated airspace. It is designed to provide a means by which the industry and the CAA can trial BVLOS drone flights to prove the concept and move towards policy adoption.

Drone In A Box For Agriculture

A drone in a box, like the DJI Dock, can benefit the agriculture sector. Conduct automated flights to collect real-time, on-demand data for crop monitoring, disease control, irrigation management, and security. A precision agriculture workflow increases productivity, sustainability, and profitability.

heliguy™ Receives UK's First DJI Dock

heliguy™ has conducted commission testing of the DJI Dock in the UK. heliguy™ will be exhibiting the Dock at upcoming shows and will be staging demonstration days. As a DJI Dock partner, heliguy™ will help organisations integrate it into their workflows.

Drone In A Box For Surveillance, Defence, And Perimeter Security

A drone in a box, like the DJI Dock, can benefit security, surveillance, and defence applications. Operate on-demand, cover large areas quickly, and conduct automated and persistent operations for real-time situational awareness and decision-making for enhanced incident response.

Drone in a box for the construction industry

A drone in a box, like the DJI Dock, can be a powerful solution for the construction industry and AEC sector. Conduct automated, round-the-clock missions to monitor site progress on-demand, feed real-time data into constantly evolving digital twins, and conduct perimeter security patrols.

WATCH: DJI Dock in action at DJI AirWorks 2022

Watch exciting footage of the DJI Dock in action at DJI AirWorks 2022. The DJI Dock is an innovative drone in a box solution which will empower remote monitoring and autonomous workflows.

VIDEO: DJI Dock Testing Before Exclusive Demo At AirWorks 2022

Watch test footage of the DJI Dock drone in a box solution, ahead of its exclusive appearance and live demonstration at DJI AirWorks 2022, in Las Vegas, in October. The DJI Dock enables remote monitoring and autonomous workflows for round-the-clock operations.

DJI Dock: Building Your Safety Case And UK BVLOS Pathway

How to build a safety case to operate the DJI Dock drone in a box, from VLOS through to BVLOS drone deployment. heliguy™ can support each organisation's pathway, including OSC consultancy, BVLOS experience and EVLOS training modules.

DJI Dock, M30 Drone And FlightHub 2: Start The Proof of Concept Now

Why organisatons should start to test and prove the concept of the DJI M30 Series drone and DJI FlightHub 2 now, ahead of the release of the DJI Dock drone in a box, engineered for remote and autonomous UAS deployment.

DJI Dock: An Innovative Drone In A Box Solution

The DJI Dock is a revolutionary drone in a box solution. Learn about its key features which enable drones to fly with greater autonomy.