How Weatherproof Is The DJI Dock?

The DJI Dock is a weatherproof drone in a box. Find out how this rugged solution enables drone operations in the most difficult conditions and watch a video showing the Dock being put through a series of vigorous weather tests.

Drone In A Box For Agriculture

A drone in a box, like the DJI Dock, can benefit the agriculture sector. Conduct automated flights to collect real-time, on-demand data for crop monitoring, disease control, irrigation management, and security. A precision agriculture workflow increases productivity, sustainability, and profitability.

heliguy™ Receives UK's First DJI Dock

heliguy™ has conducted commission testing of the DJI Dock in the UK. heliguy™ will be exhibiting the Dock at upcoming shows and will be staging demonstration days. As a DJI Dock partner, heliguy™ will help organisations integrate it into their workflows.

Drone In A Box For Surveillance, Defence, And Perimeter Security

A drone in a box, like the DJI Dock, can benefit security, surveillance, and defence applications. Operate on-demand, cover large areas quickly, and conduct automated and persistent operations for real-time situational awareness and decision-making for enhanced incident response.

Drone in a box for the construction industry

A drone in a box, like the DJI Dock, can be a powerful solution for the construction industry and AEC sector. Conduct automated, round-the-clock missions to monitor site progress on-demand, feed real-time data into constantly evolving digital twins, and conduct perimeter security patrols.

DJI Dock: Building Your Safety Case And UK BVLOS Pathway

How to build a safety case to operate the DJI Dock drone in a box, from VLOS through to BVLOS drone deployment. heliguy™ can support each organisation's pathway, including OSC consultancy, BVLOS experience and EVLOS training modules.

DJI Dock: An Innovative Drone In A Box Solution

The DJI Dock is a revolutionary drone in a box solution. Learn about its key features which enable drones to fly with greater autonomy.

DJI M30 Series vs M300 RTK vs Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

In-depth comparison between the DJI M30 Series, M300 RTK and Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, including flight time, IP rating, safety features, controllers and design. Find out which DJI Enterprise drone platform is best for your operations.

DJI Release M30 And Drone In A Box

    DJI releases the DJI Matrice 30 drone and drone in a box solution. The M30 has multi-camera capabilities while the DJI Dock enables autonomous drone deployment and charging. DJI also releases FlightHub 2 –a cloud-based flight planning and fleet management solution.

How Drone In A Box Will Transform Autonomous Deployment

How the drone in a box concept will transform autonomous drone deployment. A drone deploying automatically from a docking station has major benefits for the commercial and enterprise drone industry.