Heliguy Helps Keltbray Cut Carbon Emissions By Using Drones For Utility Inspections

Keltbray thanks its drone partner heliguy™ for supporting the growth of its UAS programme after winning a Green Apple World Environmental Award for cutting carbon emissions by using drones for utility inspection. Keltbray says drones also make powerline inspections more efficient, safe, and data-rich.

Laser Rangefinder Drones: Benefits and Applications

Find out the benefits of using a laser rangefinder on DJI drones such as the M300 RTK, M30 Series, and DJI Dock drone-in-a-box. Deploy the laser rangefinder to measure the distance to a target and obtain precise GPS coordinates. This can benefit applications such as public safety, search and rescue, and inspection.

Drones for wind turbine inspection

Drones are a safe, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective tool for wind turbine inspections. Find out how drones compare to traditional methods, how they benefit data capture, and which drones are best for inspecting windfarms.

Drones are changing the roof inspection industry

Drones for roof inspection have many advantages over traditional methods, offering a safer, more efficient and cost-effective data-capture solution. Find out how drones can improve roof inspections and the best drones to conduct roof surveys.

Keltbray Doubles Efficiency Using Drones for Powerline Inspections

    Keltbray is using DJI drones to transform powerline inspections –doubling efficiency, cutting carbon emissions by almost 50%, and conducting drone mapping to create highly-accurate and detailed models and point clouds.