UAV for Christmas: Your guide to drone regulations

A guide to the rules and regulations of flying a drone, as well as pre-flight tips and winter-flying advice.

CAA Release ANO Amendment

The CAA has announced another amendment to the 2016 Air Navigation Order. Head to our latest Insider post to find out more.

Industry Changing CAA Announcement for PfCO Holders

The CAA have announced a new amendment to the Air Navigation Order (ANO). Find out more out our latest Insider post.

Heliguy's Drone Regulation Survey - The Results

Here are the findings from our drone regulations survey, with opinions from a range of hobbyists and commercial operators collated into a helpful infographic.

Heliguy's Drone Regulation Survey

We want to know what you think about drone regulation. Read on to find out how you can get your voice heard in our survey - have your say!

Heliguy's Guide to Global Drone Regulations

With drone policy becoming a global conversation, Heliguy have put together a snapshot of how different countries approach the regulation of unmanned aircraft.

Number Plates for Drones?

Number plates for drones are being tested in Denmark. They're electronic ones that will identify and track UAVs as they fly around.

Drone Regulations for Europe

European drone regulations are hovering over the horizon. What changes could the new laws mean for hobby pilots and commercial operators?

Unsafe Drone Flying: Who to Tell and What the Rules Are

Unsafe drone flying and privacy. What you need to know if you're a hobby pilot, a commercial operator or a member of the public.

Drone Batteries on Airliners

Taking your drone on holiday? Here are the airline safety rules which prevent serious accidents with Li-Po drone batteries in your baggage.

Fastest Trained UAV Pilot in the UK

Heliguy run a joint commercial drone pilot course and think we have the fastest trained UAV pilot in the UK on our course in Newcastle.

CAOSC - Congested Areas Operating Safety Case

Many pilots are obsessed with building a rig below the 7kg mark to enable flight in congested areas, even if it's to the detriment of a camera config.

Heliguy Offer PFAW Through NQE & CAA

Heliguy are pleased to be working directly with NQE's and the CAA, to bring simple flying advice and CAA rules to the fore.