Drone Surveying: A Guide To Point Clouds

An in-depth guide to point clouds. What they are and how they help, why drones are a great data-collection tool, LiDAR vs photogrammetry, and how point clouds can be applied to different industry applications.

Best Drone Photogrammetry Workflows

The best drone surveying photogrammetry workflows for the DJI Phantom 4 RTK and M300 RTK and P1 camera. How to collect accurate data using either the D-RTK 2 base station, an RTK network, or flying PPK, and how many ground control points are needed during missions.

Improve Aerial Mapping Accuracy With Effigis EZSurv Post-processing Software

    GIS specialist heliguy™ partners with Effigis to offer drone surveyors the EZSurv® GNSS post-processing platform –a powerful offline correction solution to improve the accuracy of photogrammetry data.

Drones And DEMs vs DTMs vs DSMs

Guide to Digital Terrain Models, Digital Elevation Models and Digital Surface Models for drone surveying: What they are, their differences, applications, and how drone LiDAR and photogrammetry can help.

Drone Surveying vs Traditional Surveying

In-depth comparison between drone surveying and using traditional surveying techniques on your job site. Find out how drones can make your surveys more efficient, cost-effective, safer and drive decision-making and ROI.

Getting Started with Drone Surveying: Laws, Licence and Regulations

In-depth guide to help you understand UK drone laws for mapping and how to obtain a licence for drone surveying.

London Fire Brigade Drone Mapping With Esri ArcGIS

Drone mapping and GIS is a powerful solution for public safety. Find out how London Fire Brigade plans to use Esri ArcGIS for enhanced incident response.

Industry-first LiDAR Drone Trial Conducted At Shell Gas Terminal

Industry-first UK trial of the Zenmuse L1 LiDAR sensor has been conducted between DJI, Bilfinger, Shell UK, RUAS, and heliguy™ at Shell's Bacton Gas Terminal.

Drone Mapping: A Guide

Drones and high-resolution cameras can help to build high-resolution, centimetre-accurate 3D and 2D maps and models. Learn about software, mapping drones and how drone mapping can benefit your industry application.