How to Replace Parts and Repair The DJI FPV Drone

Step by step guide to teach you how to replace parts on your DJI FPV drone, such as the top shell, gimbal camera, arm bracers, front landing gear, and propeller guard.

Drone Crash Cover: Heliguy Repair Refresh vs DJI Care Refresh

To give you peace of mind and to ensure you can receive a repair or a replacement as quickly, easily, and cheaply as possible, heliguy™ and DJI have comprehensive crash-cover policies.

Why You Should Choose Heliguy For Drone Repairs

UK drone specialist Heliguy has an in-house DJI-approved technical team, offers rapid repairs on DJI drones, as well as servicing and custom builds/integrations.

Flying A Drone In The Rain: A Guide To IP Ratings

A guide to IP ratings and which DJI drones can be flown in the rain. Find out which DJI drones are weatherproof and how IP ratings can impact the performance of your drone in difficult weather and operational conditions.

Tech Training With DJI - A Heliguy Insider Look

Find out what one of our technicians thought of DJI's repair training course in Rotterdam and learn more about Heliguy's approved repair centre with Insider.

DJI Phantom 4 - Firmware Upgrade Warning

Here is some important information for users of the DJI Phantom 4. The Heliguy Repair Centre has had a number of calls related to the most recent version of the DJI Phantom 4‘s firmware. In short, it’s become clear that you must update the firmware on the craft before doing so on the contoller. The update... Read More

DJI Inspire 1 Upgrade Warning

The most recent release notes from DJI have identified a potential issue caused by a security update leaving Inspire 1 models unable to exit Transport mode.