Drone LiDAR Data Processing: Matching DJI L1 Flight Passes In Terrasolid

A new wizard has been added to Terrasolid to automate the process of matching DJI L1 flight passes. This improves the accuracy and completeness of a LiDAR data set. This workflow guide shows how TerraScan and TerraMatch can be used to streamline flight-pass matching.

BIM Vs Digital Twins For AEC And The Role Of Drones

In-depth comparison between BIM and digital twins. Find out the differences between BIM and digital twins and how they can be used throughout the lifecycle of an AEC/infrastructure project, and how drones can collect real-time data to develop these digital assets.

Drones Save Balfour Beatty VINCI £5m On HS2 Project

    Balfour Beatty VINCI will save £5m and improve safety by deploying drones during the construction of HS2 –Europe's largest infrastructure project. Upgrading to the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise has helped BBV cut drone surveys by more than 50%, compared to using the Phantom 4 RTK.

Drones for wind turbine inspection

Drones are a safe, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective tool for wind turbine inspections. Find out how drones compare to traditional methods, how they benefit data capture, and which drones are best for inspecting windfarms.

Drones For Education: heliguy™ Helping UK Colleges Adopt Drone Technology

    UK colleges are increasingly incorporating drones into their curriculums –and are turning to heliguy™ for consultancy, supply, and training. Find out how Oldham College and Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) are introducing drones to help students working towards qualifications such as T Levels and HTQs.

Drones are changing the roof inspection industry

Drones for roof inspection have many advantages over traditional methods, offering a safer, more efficient and cost-effective data-capture solution. Find out how drones can improve roof inspections and the best drones to conduct roof surveys.

DJI Terra Update: Convert Drone Survey Data Into National Coordinate System

New firmware update for DJI Terra enables users to accurately convert their raw L1 and P1 LiDAR and photogrammetry drone survey data into a national coordinate system. For users in the UK, this will be OSGB36/British National Grid. This update streamlines this stage of the data processing workflow.

RTK Vs PPK For Surveying

In-depth guide comparing RTK (real-time kinematic) and PPK (post-processed kinematic) for surveying, including drone mapping. Find out the differences between the two methods to help you choose the right one for your surveying application.

A Guide To Using Ground Control Points For Surveying

A guide to ground control points for surveying. Find out what they are, how to place them and how they increase the accuracy of your surveying applications.