Industry Changing CAA Announcement for PfCO Holders

The CAA have announced a new amendment to the Air Navigation Order (ANO). Find out more out our latest Insider post.

Global Drone Regulations for Hobbyists

Heliguy Insider have created this guide to global drone regulations for hobbyist users looking to fly their drone on holiday. Read our guide to see the drone laws in the top holiday destinations.

Heliguy’s Ground School: A Visual Guide

Heliguy Insider have created a visual guide to their CAA approved Ground School course to achieve permissions to become a commercial drone pilot.

A Week in the Life of Heliguy’s Training Team

Heliguy Insider talk with a member of the Heliguy Training Team to discuss the day to day role of commercial drone training.

Heliguy Commercial Drone Training 2018

Heliguy outline the UK training schedule for their commercial drone training in the UK. 30 dates are available in Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough.

Heliguy's Operations Manual: A Visual Guide

Heliguy's visual guide to the Operations Manual for commercial drone training. A visual guide to explain the process of writing your manual to submit to the CAA.

A Guide to Operation Manuals

Heliguy Insider looks into the Operations Manual required as part of commercial drone training to obtain a PfCO.

Drone Safety

Heliguy looks at drone safety and risk assessments with drones.

Operations Manual Consultancy

Heliguy look at operations manual consultancy companies as part of the PfCO drone permissions from the CAA.

UK Drone Registration Plans Announced

Soon you'll have to register your drone before you're able to use it, the UK government has announced. Read more in this article.

Heliguy's Drone Flight Test: A Visual Guide

Learn the steps you'll be required to take in order to pass the final stage of our drone training course.

The Drone Training Landscape 2017

Find out what Heliguy predict is going to happen in the drone training market in 2017 and how we've evolved to offer courses that will meet this demand.

Heliguy Interviews Drone Safe Register

Heliguy Interviews Drone Safe Register about the importance of regulation and the future of commercial drone usage in the UK and beyond.

CAA Drone Training in Manchester - Earn your PfCO

Our CAA Approved Drone Training course has now launched in Manchester. Click here to read about the course itself and the training location. Click here to book.

CAA PfCO Training Course: Farnborough

On the 19th April 2016, Heliguy are running our next CAA PFAW course at Farnborough, helping prospective drone pilots achieve their CPL-sU.

CAA Drone Training Syllabus for UK

Heliguy is approved by the CAA as an NQE to train commercial drone pilots. Find out what's covered in our lessons that lead to your CPL-sU.

Make Money Flying Drones

Make money flying drones. 10 ways to turn a hobby into a living with help from Heliguy. We offer equipment, support, repairs and training.

Make Money Flying a Drone

Make money flying a drone. 10 ways to turn a hobby into a living with help from Heliguy. We offer equipment, support, repairs and training.

Heliguy Commercial Drone Pilot Training for 2016

Commercial drone pilot training courses with Heliguy in Newcastle, Manchester and the London area in 2016. Get your CPL-sU and then a PFAW.

100% Success on Heliguy Drone Pilot Course

NQE Heliguy's first full commercial drone pilot training course was a great success. Everyone passed and their feedback was outstanding too.