Drone Thermal Camera Helps Find Missing Dog

The DJI M30T drone was used by Derby Mountain Rescue Team to rescue a dog which had fallen 100ft down a cliff. Following unsuccessful searches by ground crews, the drone's thermal camera detected the dog's heat source, and the zoom camera provided a positive identification. Watch the video of the drone rescue.

Laser Rangefinder Drones: Benefits and Applications

Find out the benefits of using a laser rangefinder on DJI drones such as the M300 RTK, M30 Series, and DJI Dock drone-in-a-box. Deploy the laser rangefinder to measure the distance to a target and obtain precise GPS coordinates. This can benefit applications such as public safety, search and rescue, and inspection.

Drones being used in search and rescue trial

Drones, supplied by UAV expert Heliguy, are being used in a new trial to support vital search and rescue missions around the Essex coast.