Stockpile Surveys Streamlined With New Terrasolid LiDAR Tool

A new tool has been added to Terrasolid's TerraModeler application to streamline stockpile volumetrics with a LiDAR point cloud, including data collected with the DJI Zenmuse L1. Find out how the software simplifies stockpile management and learn about the workflow to streamline calculations.

heliguy™ partners with Terrasolid as end of free trial looms

Drone surveying specialist heliguy™ partners with Terrasolid to offer the industry-leading point-cloud processing software. Terrasolid's free trial of the UAV bundle finishes this year, so current users are encouraged to upgrade now through heliguy™. Drone bundles are available and Terrasolid is especially effective for processing DJI Zenmuse L1 data.