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DJI Inspire 1 teaser video has been released. Watch the teaser video now to guess what DJI have up their sleeves. Buy DJI Inspire 1 on release day from us.

DJI NEW Gimbal Control Will NOT Work Out of the box

I want to write today about how the new gimbal control on the DJI Phantoms that won't work straight out of the box and requires a software update.

Commercial UAV Show - London, 2014

Commercial UAV show, London, 2014

DJI Has Released the S1000 + (Don't Go Getting Excited)

DJI has released the S1000+, but dont think you have been duped if you have just bought the DJI S1000. Read here for the reasons.

Quadcopter Complete Aerial Systems

PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM PRODUCTION We don’t just build your Aerial System, we advise and support your decision making. Extensive Capabilities Airframe. Flight Controller. Camera Control >>> Endurance. Stability. Flexability. This is what we focus on when it comes to any machine we offer, from a small machine to carry a GoPro up to large heavy lift... Read More

Inventory Management Using Drones

    This blog post describes a client we worked with to provide a system of keeping check of inventory by drone using and RFID tagging system –this was truly cutting edge technology.

A Quadcopter to Carry a GoPro Camera

This is a brief introductory article to consider some options for people that want to be introduced to aerial photography on a well equipped amateur level. Let me first point out if you start to look at this area it can quickly escalate into more and more functionality being added to your rig and this... Read More

SkyJib 8 for Cinematography

***Please note that this rig has been discontinued and replaced by our new platform IKARUS. IKARUS boasts a +30min flight time and huge payload capability, contact us for more details*** The BROADCASTER rig aimed at Film Production Companies, serious Freelancers and Multinational broadcasters who need serious frame rate capability to deliver ever more awe-inspiring footage... Read More

Firefly versus Honeybee V2

The Honeybee V2 has been put back into production in Dec 2012 and we will continue to supply both models going forward. *This was edited on 23-01-13 to update as to the fact of the discontinued Honeybee V2 being put back into production by the factory after originally being announced that the model had been... Read More

Titan (LARGE) RC Helicopter with Camera

The TITAN is… 2 and ½ times bigger than the ESKY Big Lama and we are pretty sure there is no bigger 4 channel helicopter. (We’ll get some pics beside the Big Lama when it arrives in) It is a tank (but it doesn’t fly like one), the most robust helicopter I have flown, if... Read More

FMS Airwolf Model and Others

A number of popular and well known real world helicopters available as FMS models for FREE download, click on the images to obtain. Bell 222A – also know as AIRWOLF: SA341 Gazelle – also known as BLUE THUNDER: SA365 Dauphin – used by the Coastguard, Police, Navy and others:   Keywords: FMS

Learning How to Fly RC Helicopters: Tips for Beginners

This guide is brief tips for a beginner with a four channel controller to get airbourne.  I am using a Mode 2 controller in this guide and pictures from the Firefly manual. The controls: Starting off with a diagram of the radio and the rc helicopter (please remember that even if your radio is not... Read More

FMS Flying Model Simulator

A little bit about FREE FMS: FMS is a freeware RC simulator for anyone to use. It’s not quite as user friendly as or has as many features as the commercial ones available right now. The flight characteristics with the transmitter interface are quite good including hovering, forward flight and aerobatics.  Flight simulator physics has... Read More

Aerial Photography with RC Helicopters

Over the last year the use of remote control helicopters for aerial photography applications has taken a massive leap forward into the mainstream. This is mainly due to more exposure in the press and thus more people knowing what is possible. The basic technology has actually been available for a while now, although recently it... Read More

REVIEW: Should we be Worried About SYMA RC Toy Helicopters

Something has happened this year – I am seeing Syma RC Helicopters everywhere – I checked it out when the freight forwarder who we use – mentioned he had imported lots of toy helicopters. I then checked the trending and yes a spike had grown… . I have seen them everywhere online too: Here are... Read More

The BEST Beginners RC Helicopter

With out mentioning any brands of helicopters initially I think we first need to address this on a generic level as what the BEST rc helicopter should be.   1. 4 channels minimum. A proper helicopter will have full control in all directions. You can get less than 4 channels and these helicopters are seen... Read More

Align T Rex 450 Pro Super Combo Review and Build Guide

Introduction The T-Rex 450 Pro Super Combo is the top end Align RC helicopter. It shares very little of the core parts with the 450 Sport and 450 SE V2 varieties. Utilising a completely different frame design. Also it incorporates a tail servo built into the main frame, as opposed to being mounted to the... Read More

Custom Scale RTF Helicopters

  Many RC helicopter enthusiasts love the idea of having a realistic helicopter fuselage. These can be very time consuming to build, often needing to be modified in some way to fit a certain RC helicopter design. Heliguy engineers have extensive experience in building and modifying some of the most realistic, comprehensive and high quality... Read More

Choosing A LiPo Battery Pack

Lithium Polymer batteries (LiPo, Li-Poly) are now the most common form of re-chargeable battery used in the RC hobby world, especial for remote controlled helicopters. But how do you go about choosing the correct lipo battery pack for your helicopter? There are a number of factors to consider:   Capacity and Weight – This is... Read More