DJI Manifold 2

Buy both the Manifold 2-G and the Manifold 2-C on-board drone computers.

What is the DJI Manifold 2?

The Manifold 2 is an onboard computer that can be used with drones for data processing.

It can be used to transform a drone into an autonomous machine - with the only limit being our imagination!

The DJI Manifold 2 is suitable for use with DJI's Enterprise platforms, particularly the Matrice 200 V2 range.

So if you'd like to build a customised, autonomous drone - look no further than the Manifold 2.

If you have an idea for a project, please also let our HECTIC team know - they can provide a range of support and help turn your vision into a reality.

Which Manifold 2 Variants are Available?

DJI Manifold 2 2-C

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  • Intel i7 8550U Processor
  • Used for real-time data analysis, autonomous flights, computation and more.

DJI Manifold 2 2-G

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  • Nvidia TX2 GPU
  • Used for AI (Artifical Intelligence), image processing, object recognition, motion analysis and more.

Can Functionality on the Manifold 2 be Extended?

Of course! DJI have offered several accessories that will help make almost any application a possibility.

heliguy™ considers the two accessories below the most versatile for extending the functionality for the Manifold 2.

Mini Network Switch for Manifold 2

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A small, lightweight 1000Mbps ethernet switch that allows the Manifold 2 to connect with other devices.

Manifold 2 Mount for Matrice 200 V2 Range

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Securely and safely mount your DJI Manifold 2 computer to any Matrice 200 V2 series enterprise drone.

Which SDK's does the DJI Manifold 2 Support?

Payload SDK

Allows direct communication between a payload, your Manifold 2 and the aircraft.

Onboard SDK

Control the aircraft itself, and access telemetry data and video feeds with extremely low latency.

Windows SDK

Create customised Windows apps to unlock the full potential of the Manifold 2.

Which DJI Equipment can the Manifold 2 Connect to?