The DJI Matrice 100 represents an exciting step forward in multi-rotor evolution. It’s a UAV that’s specifically designed to be used by research and development teams or commercial operators who want to experiment with different configurations.

The Matrice shares many of its components with the Inspire 1 but it doesn’t have the transforming undercarriage. Instead it has transformable bays which can accommodate a variety of sensors and customs components. It can even carry a second battery if necessary and that has the potential to increase the flight duration to a theoretical 40 minutes.

The most exciting accessory for the Matrice 100 is Guidance. It’s a state of the art collision avoidance system which uses a much more advanced version of the sensors used on the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional and the Inspire 1.

The detect and avoid sensors on the Matrice not only work downwards but also spot obstacles on all four sides as well. This opens up all sorts of possibilities like search and rescue applications or much safer inspection flights.