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DJI Osmo Action

Industry-leading DJI action camera with RockSteady technology.

What is the Osmo Action?

The Osmo Action is a new action camera built for adventurers.

It's designed from the ground up to handle all kinds of conditions.

The DJI Osmo Action is dustproof, shockproof, waterproof and will keep operating even in harsh, sub-zero temperatures.

It features two screens, one on each side of the body, giving you the very best visibility of your video footage or photos, making framing the perfect shot a breeze.

The 2.25" touchscreen on the back of the Osmo Action has a fingerprint resistent coating. Both screens have a brightness of 750 nits, meaning they're usable even in bright, direct sunlight.

This new waterproof action camera utilises a new user interface - Action OS.

Action OS combines an easy-to-use user interface and simple physical buttons to give you complete control.

The three dedicated buttons on the DJI Osmo Action camera control power, shutter for photos, recording for videos and the SnapShot feature which starts a recording in less than 2 seconds.

Osmo Action Camera Specs

- 1/2.3 inch sensor
- RockSteady electronic image stabilisation
- HDR Video in 4K @ 30 fps
- 12 mp Photos
- 4K video @ 60 fps @ 100 mbps
- Three-glass aspherical lens
- Anti-fingerprint coating

DJI Osmo Action Recording Modes

This advanced action camera has a wide variety of shooting modes, all accessible with a few simple taps.

These include:


The Osmo Action can record in up to 8x slow motion in 1080p @ 240fps or 4x slow motion in 1080p @ 120fps. This will help you capture action-packed scenes in an even more creative way.


Turn minutes into seconds with the Osmo Action's Timelapse shooting mode. Speed up the scene to capture the world in motion.

Custom Exposure

Both manual and semi-automatic exposure settings are available with exposures up to 120 seconds for capturing dark scenes, stars and more.

Osmo Action Key Features

DJI's action camera also has a number of key features outside of it's impressive camera specifications:
- Dual colour screen design for perfect selfie shots.
- Voice control for many of the Osmo Actions features.
- Dual microphone setup.
- Seamless software integration with the DJI Mimo app, through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
- Waterproof up to a depth of 11 meters (36 feet) without any additional waterproof casing.
- Included speaker for high-quality playback audio.