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      4 products

      Drone Parachute Safety Systems

      ParaZero SafeAir drone parachutes.

      Autonomous Drone Parachutes

      Heliguy are proud to offer a range of drone parachutes for DJI drones and custom aircraft.

      We have partnered with ParaZero - as their SafeAir parachutes are the number 1 drone safety system in the industry.
      Protect your equipment, people and property with a parachute that will automatically deploy from your drone if a catastrophic flight failure should occur.

      Make your flights safer, help protect people and property while future-proofing your flights from regulatory changes.

      Drone Parachutes for a Range of Industries

      These ParaZero drone safety systems can be used in a range of industries:

      • Construction
      • Public Safety
      • Delivery
      • News & Media
      • Film
      • Inspection

      ParaZero Drone Parachutes are available for a range of DJI Drones and Custom UAVs

      Which Drones are Parachutes Available for?

      ParaZero drone parachutes are available for a range of DJI Drones and custom aircraft:

      Watch the ParaZero Mavic in Action

      ParaZero Mavic Safe Air Drone Parachute Video