Viewpro Range OF CAMERAS

The state-of-the-art Viewpro range of optimal-zoom cameras enhance productivity and security in various domains such as the police, military, search and rescue, object tracking, industry inspections and day and night aerial surveillance. 
The cameras utilise various technology, such as thermal, laser, night vision and infrared to help them be a vital tool. 
The cameras can seamlessly dock with the DJI Matrice series.
Shenzhen Viewpro Technology is a hi-tech manufacturer specialising in UAV zoom gimbal cameras.

Object Tracking Series - Laser Ranger Object GPS Location Resolving and EO + IR Dual-sensor  

An advanced location-resolving algorithm is used to calculate the distance of the object, accurately analyse the longitude and latitude of the object and display the GPS coordinate onscreen. Laser ranger gimbal cameras have a great auxiliary role in the enforcement of military, police, firefighting and others. 

EO + IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) dual-sensor gimbal cameras can record and transmit thermal images and visible images at the same time. Thermal sensors reveal details invisible to the naked eye by making subtle differences in temperature visible. This new view of the world can reveal when equipment or buildings are damaged, fire spark in a forest, the location of missing people and more. Both the WK10TIRM and Z10TIRM laser-ranger cameras benefit from EO and IR.

Thermal image and laser range

EO and IR in action

In the series


10x, three-light EO + IR dual-sensor laser ranger location-resolving pan/tilt gimbal camera.


The Z30TM is a 30x zoom laser ranger object-tracking gimbal camera.


10x, three-light EO + IR dual-sensor laser ranger location-resolving pan/tilt gimbal camera.

Mini Z10TIR

The Mini Z10TIR is a 10x EO + IR dual-sensor object-tracking mini gimbal camera. 

Laser Night Vision

Combined with powerful laser supplements, laser night-vision gimbal cameras support you to observe an incident, even on a pitch-black night. This meets the application requirements of various domains for night patrol and search.

In the series


The Z10TL is a 10x infrared laser night-vision gimbal camera which can be deployed in various scenarios, such as patrols and surveillance operations.
The Z10TL can clearly display image features in a poor-light environment. 
Two mega effective pixel and 1080p HD image quality, combined with powerful optical zoom technology, and 300-metre laser light supplement, enables an observation range of up to 300 metres - even on a pitch black night.